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Where to find Maternity clothes in Dubai?

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I’m not a fashion blogger but WHERE is the SMART &  CHEAP maternity clothes in Dubai??

We are only going to wear this clothes for a few months but we want to look amazing and we want to show of our beautiful baby bump – and thats without spending a fortune!!

The selection is not huge in Dubai – we do need more (please I hope some maternity brand owners read this!!) but it is possible in the end…  I spotted a few shops out there and it helped me through my pregnancy looking decent – I think… I have gained 20+ (so far) and fashion are important for me to not ‘just feel fat’! We are the most beautiful ever as pregnant women 🙂

All pictures below are clothes (I admit I love dresses!) from shops and webpages I have mentioned below – hope it can inspire you! If not, second option is to shop like a crazy once you are home on holiday 😉

A few ideas…

Everything with empire silhouette (dress or top with fitted bodice ending just below the bust), maxi dresses (also empire) and (empire) belts works well! The last one socially good in beginning of pregnancy to increase size of belly (so people can see its not just a brunch belly!). Buy lots of basics which can be used over the 9 months (ensure lots of belly-growing space) like cardigans, t-shirts, 1-2 good pair of pregnancy shorts/pants and leggings. Use accessories like neckless, earrings and belts to spice up the outfits.  If you prefer DIY  check out Pinetrest theres lots of ideas and turroitals!


photo 2 photo 3 photo 1 photo-16

Mothercare: Have found a few great dresses for under 200 AED – especially when they just got new styles you can be lucky to find your size. Also offer nightwear, lingerie and toiletries for after the time after giving birth. I found the best selection in the Dubai Mall branch.

Mamas & papas: Have bought some cute dresses for under 300 AED – most styles are also good for breatfeeding (a secret access to boob).

Blossom Mother & Child: Dubai Mall, maternity clothes in the higher end but very beautiful dresses if you going for a nice party – also have a few cute baby things.

H&M: Cheap and large selection for pregnant mum. The maternity line is limited and you must be fast, gets quickly sold out. Must admit I bought quite a lot from their normal range just bought one or two sizes larger. Have a huge range of maternity clothes online – I ordered quite a lot as they deliver to Dubai for free when you order over 55GBP/340 AED. (Was NO problem to order for over 340 AED!!) . NL stopped offer they maternity line in the shops here 😦 But I found it cheap and good fitting (ordered same size as I normally use in New Look). Took a few weeks to arrive but all worth it.  Wait for their sale and can especially recommend their multipacks and dresses. Same case for but didn’t try – YET! Pssst they have free delivery – we like 😀

Baby Bazaar: Market last Saturday every month in Times Square – you can be lucky and find a few styles new as well as preloved. Have a few maternity items only but their clothes looks rather tempting. Didn’t try them – yet!

HAPPY Shopping MUM 🙂

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