Shopping for baby

What to buy for the little one – and where to find it in Dubai?!

First of all I have created a baby shop list – just so you know where to go! Hereafter you can find an example for a shopping list – just for inspiration – everybody have different options and needs (and no I can’t guarantee prices, stock, availability etc!) but read it and create your own list based on these ideas.

I will update again after arrival but below list seems FOR ME to be the most important essentials for a newborn baby… 😉

Happy shopping mum-to-be!! And remember lots of nice breaks while shopping 😉


When I just passed my 12 weeks I was more than ready to start shopping!!!! Rumor says Dubai don’t have many baby shops or they do but either very low price or high-end brand shops – what about us in the middle which want good quality but can’t afford the designer brands?!

I been in every mall many, many times to find the best shops here. In Denmark baby clothes, accessories and interior are a big market and there’s a huge selection and so much cute stuff! But I’m not home how can I get something similar here?! Another concern for me was to get products there is good for baby – I care about organic fabrics, allergic friendly products and prefer products to baby and myself there is free of parabenes and perfumes. I must say the last part I find rather difficult here. After A LOT of shopping I made some findings which I will share with you below:

– I find Dubai Mall (park at the cinema – all baby shops are located on top floor) best for baby shopping,  more shops and larger selection in each shop – but go early morning – its tough for a pregnant women to be shopping in peak time!!! Mirdiff and Ibn Batutta have M&P, Mothercare, Babyshop and other clothes brands if you can’t be bothered going DM!

Mothercare: I find this UK chain cheap for branded items and have a great selection – I prefer the one in Dubai mall (largest selection). They have all the branded strollers, car seats, the brand Stokke and lots of baby clothes from their own brands and much more.

Babyshop:  Low price items – can be very good for essentials, large selection though especially in Oasis Center and Dubai mall. Have often 25% off sales 🙂

Mamas & papas:  One of my favorites in Dubai for clothes and interior – flagship store is in Dubai mall. Cute clothes and fair price.

Bumblebee: Located in Dubai Mall, good selection in  wooden toys, strollers and car seats. Have some organic clothes items – and have crocheting products which I adore.

JustKidding: Have one in G&D park but large branch on SZR next to Safapark, have great selection of strollers, furniture and much more, find them bit expensive compared to Mothercare for same stuff however staffs knowledge and friendly service are very good. Have a good homepage with prices

H&M: Cheap but good clothes selection for baby. Have also organic baby clothes now.

Zara Kids: I love this baby clothes, good selection in Moe and Dubai Mall – fair price and cool design.

CottonOn Kids: Australian brand, cool baby clothes in Ibn Batutta, very good price – I like the cool designs!

Baby Bazaar: Market last Saturday every month in Times Square – come early for a bargain, new and 2nd hand stuff – cosy for a weekend trip!

DB Baby: Online shop and few outlets around Dubai, bought few things at their Baby bazaar boot also organic clothes brand.

BabiesRus: ToysRus have a section for baby with lots of low-price baby stuff. Online page, seems to have some good brands. Ordered a delivery and it worked perfectly, quick delivery and great service although one item was sold out – had some great prices in the sale.

Gap: Great clothes styles for cool boys & girls! My newest favorite! Ibn Battuta Mall, MOE & Dubai Mall.

Next: Huge selection in clothes for boys and girls located e.g. in Ibn Battuta Mall.


  • Shopping list

All are my own personal feelings, opinions and experiences…  – this is MY shopping list – and it very well change again after birth when I know much more!! I will keep you posted 🙂 :


  1. Stroller/pushchair & pram/carry-cot & car seat  = kombi or a converter
  2. Car seat (if not included in stroller)
  3. Accessories for Stroller (cupholder, umbrella, rain cover…)
  4. Diaper/nursing bag
  5. Baby carrier/wrap
  6. Nursing cover  for breast feeding (can be a scarf)
  7. Travel bag for stroller for airplanes

Bed time / Nursery  

  1. Baby’s first bed (cot/crib/carry-cot)  We will start with the carry-cot and then get a cot
  2. Mattress to bed
  3. Baby duvet / quilt / blanket (duvet NA in Dubai)
  4. Baby bed sheets for cot/crib/carry-cot
  5. Mobile for bed or changing table (with music)
  6. Bed bumper
  7. Changing mat
  8. Changing table
  9. Lamps and other deco for nursery

Bath time  

  1. Baby Zink creme for the bum
  2. Diaper bin/disposer (smell free) and diapers for the first days – buy newborn size
  3. Cotton baby swaps (big end)
  4. Digital Baby thermometer
  5. Baby bath tub
  6. Bathing tub (little bowl for water if you do nappy change in nursery)
  7. Bath oil / creme
  8. Bath towel
  9. 20-30 Muslins
  10. Wash cloths/wet napkins (without alcohol)
  11. Pacifiers, try different sizes
  12. Bibs
  13. Comb and brush for baby
  14. Nail Scissor for baby

Meal time  

  1. Cutlery, plate, cup/bottle for water
  2. Nursing pillow/breastfeeding pillow
  3. Nursing pads
  4. Breast pump and bottles (wait and see if you breast feed or not)
  5. Stokke chair with new-born chair (A Scandinavian must have!)


  1. 3-4 pants
  2. 4-6 night jumpers
  3. 6 pair of socks
  4. 8 body suits
  5. 2-3 small hats
  6. ‘Underwear’ thin body suits with no sleeves


  1. Toys / stuff which can stimulate baby
  2. Activity/play mat or a swing to lie on
  3. Baby book / scrap-book
  4. Teddies


  1. Baby alarm
  2. Safety stuff e.g. shading for car and safety in house


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