About Me

Welcome to the ‘Me and the Bump’ blog!

Hi, my name is Mie and I’m a Danish mummy living in Dubai with my british husband, my son James Viggo from July 2014 and his little-sister Ida Rose from September 2015 ❤

I live in Dubai as a happy expat. I love it here in the desert and have been here for more than 6 years. The life here is amazing and everyday is a pleasure.

When it comes to mums, babies and pregnancies no two situations are similar and every mum has different opinions and experiences – I can only present my own experiences and that’s what I will share with you here.

Contact Me ❤

Welcome and enjoy! Mie x


All posts are my own personal feelings, opinions and experiences!!


3 thoughts

  1. Nice Blog Mie .I’ve no doubt it will be very helpful for lots of expectant mums .
    Why not have you husband Tom offer some advise and feelings from a husband and new father perspective ..

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