IKEA play kitchen – a pink and gold makeover!

Many people have asked how I made Idas pink IKEA play kitchen. So why not share the story… I’m no DIY export but I managed to do this kitchen (with some help from daddy) so I think everyone can do it. So here is the ‘recipe’;


  • 1 IKEA ‘Duktig’ play kitchen 399 AED
  • 1 Paint in your preferred colour mine was Pink Diamond VR003E from ACE 40 AED
  • 1 Spray metallic color for plastic from ACE 20 AED
  • 1 roll of Sticky paper (the easy but expensive option 150 AED) or wall paper or maybe even wrapping paper (in that case you need clue)
  • A good paint brush

So I did all this before I assembled the kitchen. The kitchen comes in white and wooden parts when you buy it. I painted the wooden parts pink. I didn’t sand paper them first, but they need two layer of paint. Give them a thin layer the first day and paint second layer day two – also thin layer. Some parts need on both sides so of course take one side first, let it dry and then paint side 2. Make sure you buy the less dangerous toxic paint now it’s for kids.

The tap, handles and the rack including hooks got the gold metallic spray. It’s quite smelly so do it outside. I took them one by one and it really can’t go wrong. Again let them dry before you take the back side. All this will proably take two evenings for two people. The sticker paper goes on the back plates, just be careful to make it straight and with no air bobbles. You can add an extra back behind the sink to make this colored as well. We didn’t do that.

Actually this is it. My husband then assembled it (was too much hard work for me hehe) and that is probably the task there took the most time (maybe beacuse his slow!!!)…

Then just decorate and surprise your little one. I guarantee they will love it and it looks good in your house too 🙂

Good luck!


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