Holiday with a 1 and 2 year old… 

Do we eat an extreme amount of gelato in Italy? Yes

Did we stay in a slightly dirty farm in the countryside which the kids prefer more than the luxury hotel we would prefer? Yes

Did we skip most of the cultural sightseeing (like queuing 2 hours to go up the cathedral of Florence) because the kids were to inpatient? Yes

Did I only shop for clothes for the kids (again)? Yes 

Did we skip Venice because we thought it’s not good with the buggy? Yes 

Did we book a mobile home at lake Garda because a romantic B&B wouldn’t be good with the kids? Yes 

Did we walk around the plane 50 times because that’s what the kids wanted? Yes

Did we relax and distress on our holiday? No!

Is it a bad holiday? Definitely not!!

A holiday with small kids is just different.  Not bad but very different. 

Whether we want it or not I think many people adapt so the kids are happy. We say no longer ‘happy wife’ but’happy kids – happy life’!! We didn’t want to be like this but we are. We totally do activities the kids will find exciting, drive when they need to sleep and bribe them with gelato and iPad when they don’t want to sit still! 

Don’t get me wrong we are having an amazing trip to Italy and we see life through new eyes and a new angle with the kids. I love that! 

But why is it not ok adapt? Its not bad to adapt. Life is no longer the same and we are not the same. We are a family of four and we want to show our kids the world, different cultures and experience new food. We didn’t sleep much this holiday so far or are particularly relaxed and ready for a new working week but we are together and experiencing new things together, and that is what’s charging our batteries and making us the happy, crazy Connor family we are!

So… Do we enjoy Italy? Yes we did!! 


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