A new job, a new chapter…

I have no idea what to do!!!! This is the day I’ve been dreaming about for a long, long time and then I have no idea what to do with myself!

Both kids are in nursery and I’m ALONE! Alone!!!! YYayyyy!!!

No wait – it’s weird this, I feel like I’m missing two arms…


Many mums in Dubai are these days enrolling their small angels into the nursery and it’s not unusual seeing stressed and even crying mums in every coffee shop around town. I think we are realising that the kids are just a little bit closer to being a ‘grownup adult’ with beard and own house mortgage as they now are able to be without mummy for 24/7. Last time I enrolled JV in nursery (read here) it was painful, tough and costed me many tears. It took about a month before we were both happy. Especially me. So I was prepared for the worst this time with tissues and tears. But it went so well none of them cried and they were happy to stay there for a few hours on the first day! (I’m so proud of them!!). But now here I am, alone in a mermaid coffee shop with all the other mums (with no arms) not knowing with to do with myself for the first time in a very long time…

Amazing little letter and pacakge from the BEST nursery teacher x

JV and Ida are starting in nursery because mama here got a new job! I’m going to start in a procurement role in a local manufacturing company right after Eid. Lets see how full-time and two small kids will work… Luckily we have good help at home and I think we all need this now, I have missed working after more than two years at home and I honestly think nursery will develop the kids for the better both language, social skills and physical activity.

So yesterday was a good day not only because of the happy kids in the most amazing nursery but because Me and the Bump has been shortlisted at the third annual Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2016 in the Best Parent Blog of 2016 category!!! Say what! Didn’t see that coming. I’m very proud and delighted and most of all honoured as the other mummy bloggers on this list are much bigger and professional than my little blog. I don’t expect to win but I see this as a brilliant excuse to attend a cool award show, dress up and sip cocktails 😉 I have dreamt about this day and never thought it would happened. Funny enough it happens now when I start working…

Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2016 - Shortlisted - Parent Blog of 2

Lot’s of exciting stuff going on, a new beginning and a new chapter. I’m ready for this and therefore this blog will now be a ‘full-time working mum and two babies’ kinda blog, no more ‘mummy on maternity leave’-blog. I might get more time and energy to write now haha!! So I better find my arms and start enjoying the last few days before I go back to the corporate world.

Stay tuned xx


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