Party animals beware – JVs 2nd birthday jungle party!


JV is two years old the 3rd of July! He is a happy and loving little boy who deserved an awesome 2nd birthday party! Since visiting the Emirates zoo JV has been obsessed with all the wild animals giraffe, elephant, zebra and lion so of course our little cheeky monkey needed a party with lots of wild animals!

I LOVE Pinterest and its an absolute lifesaver for party planning. I found most of my ideas here and with a bit of love and time you can easily create a (CHEAP) wild animal jungle party which will make any toddler super excited! You can steal all my Pinterest ideas right here. The decoration really impressed JV. The look on his face when he came down the stairs and saw the livingroom transformed in to a jungle was priceless!

I made lots and lots of leaves in green cardboard, lianas from brown paper and green cardboard, palm trees from toilet rolls, elastic bands and green cardboard – and decorated with lots of small and big toy animals. All foods were animal shaped or green. Yes we could have had the party in a soft play land it would have been much more easy – but honestly I find it much more cosy being at home!!

We also hired a soft play, which was set up in our living room by – it was a great success and made ‘an indoor Dubai summer party’ less crazy and stressful than it sounds. The kids were happy and entertained so all the parents were relaxed and happy too! The company took care of delivery, building it /assembly, cleaning before and after and they also provided a lovely assistant who was very sweet and helped with the kids for three hours. The company can provide everything for kids and even for the parents… 

JVs friends came to celebrate with him and ensured he had the party of his life! I think I can say that kids as well as parents really enjoyed the party. But wow mummy was tired afterwards and the biggest downside was probably JVs sugarush which made him unable to sleep for hours!!! Because yes we allowed him cake and candy on his birthday!! It was a great day and soon we can start planning a very special 1st birthday too 😉

Hereby all the photos and details for your inspiration;

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