10 cheap things to do with a baby and a toddler in the summer heat

Last week the Holy Month of Ramadan began and this month is a very special time in this region. As many know the Holy Month is about fasting but it’s also a month of reflection, self-betterment and consideration of those less fortunate than ourselves. Every day the fasting is ‘broken’ by a meal called ‘iftar‘ which continues for the evening. I love the iftars they are huge yummy buffets with all the food you can dream about! Definately worth trying if you haven’t done that already…

I’m not fasting myself but as a resident in the UAE I respect the holy month and the culture. At the same time its a unique and different option to enjoy the quiet time in a normally hectic city. 

But what to do this month when Ramadan is on and it is burning hot outside?! This is what I hear everybody saying again and again – including myself!!!

None of my kids are in nursery (!), my husband is away and sometimes I’m going crazy being indoor all day!!!! On top of that JV decided last night that 3.30am was the time to get up and not go back to sleep!!! Hmpff! Then the day is really really long… I survived (again) and I drank lots and lots of coffee and ate to much cake as you do when you are tired and bored (sorry fasting friends). That’s when I decided I need to have a plan for every day and I started booking everyday with fun entertainment to keep mummy and babies happy!!

I know many people are in the same boat as me so here’s a list of what we do please share yours so I can get new inspiration. It’s all fun with a small baby and a toddler… I have tried to include only cheap entertainment as Dubai sometimes is crazy expensive. Let me know if you have any good ideas I can add 🙂

  1. Visit the Dubai Museum. Yes, the museum in Bur Dubai. You will be surprised it’s so much fun for the kids and it’s cheap – only 1 AED for a child! Most of the area is indoor and not so busy at this time of the year. For once it’s even possible to actually get a parking space just outside the museum… Some might think we are crazy but we also walk around exploring the souks. I love them especially the less known Indian Souk or street. Everybody are very kids friendly and just visit the shops often for AC – and a bargain! There’s lots of shade in the souks so it’s not too hot and even a nice breeze at the river! Enjoy Dubai as a tourist – yes please!!
  2. Watch the turtles in Madinat / Mina Salam hotel. Again it’s not busy at the moment and just go early morning or late afternoon. A walk around the Souk Madinat is also nice and they are also open for food in a few places too.  
  3. Magic Planet/Fun City – I had until recenetly never been in any of these places as they seem loud and crazy!!! And they are! But JV loves playing on the machines (and so does mummy!!), collect tickets for a prize and there’s also soft play! Yay! We can easy spend some time in there. Don’t go if you kid is very sensitive to loud noises… 
  4. Malls! We all know this and its boring for the kids but let them walk freely and have a long visit to all the toy stores! (And did you know the MOE food court is open for eating).
  5. Aquarium; Both the one in Atlantis (don’t forget resident discount) and Dubai mall’s Aqurium and Underwaterzoo is amazing – the last one is offering the whole month of June unlimted entrance for only 100 AED.
  6. Playland – of course! We all know this but we really do love Extreme fun in Motor City it’s so big and today they also had balloons and face paint as a little extra. It is also possible to buy food for the kids and the breastfeeding and pregnant mummies. We also love Fairtytales and Mini Monsters (last one only 30 AED on weekdays). IMG_4298
  7. Playdates, playdates, playdates!!!!! Other kids’ toys are just more fun so make sure you plan lots and lots of play dates! Inivte your friends over and make sure there’s  lots of coffee and cake for the mums! Win win!!
  8. Petting zoo; Al Tamimi Stables is back with another season of animal fun at Modhesh World which runs from June till August 27th at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Al Tamimi Stables’ petting farm is open every day of the week, from 10 am to midnight for the duration of Modhesh World and is located in hall 2 of the Dubai World Trade Centre. Entrance fees to the petting farm are as follows: under 3’s accompanied by an adult (AED 15), over 3’s accompanied by an adult (AED 25), children 12 and over / adults (AED 15).
  9. Home fun!!! Make your own play dough, watch lots of movies, dance like no one is watching to silly music, train tracks, paddling pool in the garden, biking around the house, baking and cooking, Skyping with the family back home, balloon dance, water play, soap bubbles… 
  10. Mummy mornings and markets! Many organisations and companies arrange fun mummy morning, keep an eye on some of our favorites the Reform Social and Grill in the Lakes, Sassymama, Mamavents/Mamameets and Citispi.   

After all this… definitely put the kids for a nap and book yourself treat e.g. a lovely home massage with the fabulous homespa 😉

Ramadan Kareem x

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