Visiting Simba, Nemo and the cast of Madagascar!

We are home after a wonderful weekend trip just south of Abu Dhabi at the Emirates Park Zoo. I had never heard much about the zoo previously so my expectation wasn’t high, when a group of us booked a one night stay in the Emirates Park Resort. The hotel is literally inside the zoo! JV is obsessed with the movie the Lion King at the moment so for him this stay was perfect…

We had a family chalet – it’s not ‘5 star Dubai luxury’ but it was very fine and good value for money. We had a big bedroom with a king sized bed, bathroom, a large living room space with room for the kids and a kitchenette. There were also a outdoor space with tabel and chairs. We had a decent breakfast buffet and ordered room service for dinner, but you could easily bring your own food and drinks which you can enjoy at your terrace. Booking a room in the hotel gives you access to the zoo and we made the most of that, as went both days we stayed. There’s also a swimmingpool and kids water slide.

The most important thing for us was the location of the chalet, which was just outside the ‘savannah’ where giraffes, zebras and warthogs lived! They were the last thing we saw before we went to bed and we started the morning by feeding them. However we did spend a small fortune buying the special giraffe grass for them but the kids loved the interaction (it’s only 10 AED each) so well spend! Some of the zoo is inside with AC and in the outdoor spaces they also provide a cool water mist for the animals which is nice.

The kids loved the interaction and that they were allowed to feed the animals. There are lots of beautiful animals and because we got so close to them it was easy taking some stunning photos, just see below;

I’m not sponsored to do this post but I need to share this place as its worth a visit or stay – enjoy xx

Home time…


18 thoughts

    1. We loved the little trip away from Dubai and think we didn’t even spend 1000 for the whole weekend including food and hotel!!

    1. Thank you will do – we havn’t tried that one yet but for sure will 🙂 What is cool with this one is you can sleep there x

  1. After reading your post we booked a night there with our 18 months old son and it was a lot of fun. Thanks for the recommendation!!

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