2 babies under 2 – Are you ready for this?

You might want to read this in case you are having or want 2 babies under 2… There is exactly 14 months and 5 days between my two cheeky monkeys so I know what I am talking about. 

Yes for sure I have struggled a few times (or many!) since Ida Rose was born. Its been hard, sometimes cruel and often extremely exhausting. BUT when you think about it, it’s a very small percentage of your whole life that you spend on sleepless nights, changing nappies, laundry and being on ‘baby mode’ and the reward is truly amazing!!!! I can confirm and – promise you – that it is all worth it!

No matter the age gap, two kids will always be a handful, but 2 under 2 is very special. My favourite moments are

  1. When they hold hands just by them self for absolutely no reason besides endless love…
  2. When they nap at the same time (lol)

The close-sibling love is endless (yes of course they fight too) but for MORE added bonuses please consider these awesome points I have noticed:

The money saver (you can show these to your husband if he needs to be persuaded);

  • One kids menu is enough on the restaurant.
  • You can do lots of activities, they are free of charge most places before 2 including flights, hotels and restaurants.
  • You can reuse your maternity clothes as it’s still in fashion. And you will for sure have got the full value back as its been used nonstop 2×9 months!
  • Actually no need to buy new clothes at all for a few years as you never leave the house anyway…

The practical ones

  • They can share nappies (yes JV has a small bottom).
  • They can share clothes – and no I’m not afraid of putting Ida Rose in boys clothes.
  • The can share toys – well that one is not always so easy when they get older 😉
  • Everything is fresh in mind, breastfeeding techniques, teething issues, sleep issues…


  • Your boobs don’t get horrible and flat in-between pregnancies as you are still breast-feeding. (I won’t mention the look afterwords though!!).
  • You don’t need to diet in-between the pregnancies as it’s just a waste of time!
  • No time to eat so automatically the baby-weight goes again!
  • No stress about going to work as the nonstop baby mode keeps you home in your pyjamas…


  • Two under two is always a good conversation subject with strangers (Often they are a bit surprised and look at you as you are crazy… )
  • You babies always have a play mate!
  • You will miss out on a lot of social events (kinda of a money saver too!) but once you are back you appreciate and enjoy it all a tiny bit extra.


Don’t worry you can do this mama if you want to;

Stop being afraid of what can go wrong and start being excited about what could go right!!! 
Good luck x



Can you understand I’m proud?! ❤


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    1. After posting how hard it is I thought I better right something positive, I need to make sure I’m not scaring anybody 😉

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