When things doesn’t go to plan…

I have just realized it’s been a few months since my last post (well… there’s a reason!) – and actually my blog will soon celebrate 2 years (!!) so maybe I should get my a** in gear and get writing – AND share what’s REALLY been going on in my life…

I started blogging two years ago because I wanted to:

1. Make people laugh (I thought I was pretty good at it!!), and
2. I wanted to share my experiences of being pregnant in Dubai as an expat (which I indeed was good at!!!!)

But then it all changed – I was no longer pregnant and I didn’t have that much fun stuff to write about anymore… My life was full of baby sick, nappys, lack of sleep and frustrations. So what should I share now? I felt boring, uninspiring and not like one of these amazing beautiful, energised, skinny mummy’s so who could possibly be interested in my life!

But then I thought ‘hey‘ maybe I should share my story anyway – life is not always just fun and maybe other women are in the same boat…

First of all let me be clear, I’m not complaining and I know I’m blessed with two beautiful babies… BUT this motherhood thing is bloody hard!! As you know Ida Rose was born in September and JV was only 14 months then. ‘had one baby already – so having number 2 will be a piece of cake.
Did you ever think that same thought when you were expecting number two?
Well that’s what I did anyway… But I was wrong – uhh so wrong. I thought I knew it all, but I just didn’t! Ida has been quite a handful and completely the opposite to JV – and with two small babies I had (have!!) my hands pretty full. Probably too full.

All kids are different. Even the pregnancy is different. The belly and the birth and everything is just different… I realise they are two small individual human beings which have different needs and personality. And that’s good of coruse! I love them both up to the moon and back but I’m not going to lie. Its harder than I thought being a mummy of two babies.

JV was the easiest baby ever – he just ate, slept, popped, repeat. Ida Rose is not quite like that… Actually far from. Its like the ‘sleep’ is not part of her daily routine… But bless her, she had colic and have reflux so she probably has a bit of a tummy ache which makes her unable to sleep…

I had quite a lot of days where they were both sad because they were not getting mummy’s full attention – as they needed – and quite often it made me sad seeing them sad… JV was often crying because Ida was crying and before I knew it I was crying too!! Not nice to see your babies sad and I felt so useless!! 

But here I am, and I slowly start to breathe again – I still have days where I think everything is very tough but we are slowly getting there… We moved house to get something bigger and have a garden for JV to run in. He loves it!! We also got some much-needed help at home and I changed from breast milk to a special reflux formula to help on this and Ida are now able to (once in a while on a very good day!!) to sleep 3 hours in a row!! So yes things are easier now and maybe time for me to start the old blogging again? Even it may not always just be fun stuff I think I might have something interesting to share – experiences that other mummies may recognize – I am after all not the only one with two small kids x





8 thoughts

  1. Being a mom and doing it all by yourself can be very stressful. I’m glad you’ve shared the not-so-pretty side of parenting. But you made it! And I’m sure things will all fall in place.

  2. Sharing the “not so glamorous” side of motherhood is what other moms need to read and hear. Motherhood is a beautiful thing but has it’s hard times as well. I had the same experience with my children; my elder daughter was and still the easiest child ever but my 8 months old son is someone who loves to be held all the time and his sleep rituals are very tiring but he still has that “please forgive me” smile that melts my heart 🙂

    1. It is yes, but not many shares it so sometimes it can feels a bit lonely on the not glamours planet 😉 their smile is everything x

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