Capturing the sweet moments…

Ida Rose is now one month old – and yes time is flying! And let me just say WOW things are a lot more busy with two babies around the house!!

When she was only two weeks old I managed (somehow!?) to make time to have a photo shoot done at The Studio Dubai. It’s always lovely to have newborn and baby photos taken to keep the sweet memories from when they were tiny! But I was scared. A photo shoot with a newborn that cries (a lot!) and a toddler who has only recently learned to walk! I could see the horror scenario already, of me running around making sure James Viggo wouldn’t break a camera and Ida Rose being sick all over the carefully ironed baby clothes…

Apparently the ideal age for newborn photos are 5-12 days, as the babies still curl up like when they were inside the belly. But it’s also a time where your still getting used to being a new mum with a tiny baby depending on you, I remember how scary this was for me first time around, and I can tell you the feeling is the same the second time around also.

It was a little hectic with a 15 month old and a newborn but the friendly and talented photographer Nikka managed to get some wonderful shots! She was patient, helpful in advising about clothes, poses and props. However best of all it was done quickly and efficiently before the kids got to tired, in total it was just about 40 min! We are so thankful for the amazing result!! Ida Rose loved the camera so much she stayed awake! And it’s actually super fun and cute when you have a cheeky happy big brother to pose with 😉 Both kids had so much fun and there no doubt they loved having their photos taken by The Studio Dubai. So no, it wasn’t scary after all…

Find out more here on the site:

2 thoughts

  1. Beautiful babies! I can only imagine how hard that must have been to have a newborn and a 15month old baby learning to walk. Especially during the time that our hormones are all over the place.

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