My birth story – Ida Rose

Its been quiet on the blog for the last month but as you might know our daughter Ida Rose came into the world on the 8th of September at 10.10am ❤

I was scheduled for a c-section on the 9th of September so it was quite a surprise when my water broke on the 8th at 5.10 am. I had thought that IF the waters did break earlier than the 9th its destiny and I have to give it a go with the natural delivery… I was never really happy about my scheduled cesarean as I really struggled after the last time, which was also only 14 months ago. I was however scheduled for the cesarean because it’s so close to the last one – there are certain risks and limits – and to be honest, I still wasn’t quite ready mentally either. I was scared of another emergency c-section.

The water broke only a small amount so I wasn’t really sure it was the water so I stayed in bed to relax a bit. But it didn’t take long before the contractions started, and from the start there was only 4 min in-between. Until 6am they were not that painful but I thought I better text my doctor, Dr. Anni Engberg Faelling, just so she’s aware that something is starting, however I was convinced there was still a long time to go. I just sent her a text as she probably was asleep and wouldn’t like to disturb her for no reason. I started packing the hospital bag and get my son JV ready for nursery just like any other morning. However soon the contractions starting hurting a lot and 30 min later I had to call Dr. Anni and say it’s NOW!! She told me to go direct to hospital and meet her there. It was only later that I found out she only been home 30 min since her last birth!!

I quickly I called my friend L if she would be able to take JV as it was too early to drop him at nursery. When I called her she could only hear me breathing in the phone but I managed to say a few words – ‘please take JV – now – hospital – now’!!

The contractions were now very painful and with no break in-between. I was probably a bit loud in the car, and I remember JV looking at me like he was thinking, ‘whats wrong with mummy’!? We arrived at the hospital at 7am not even two hours after my waters broke. I was straight in for examination while my husband had to do the insurance papers – stress!! My doctor was not there yet so I slightly panicked and told the doctor that I needed c-section and it was already planned for the day after. She said ‘No, you going straight to labour room as you already 9 cm dilated and ready for birth’. On no, I thought, this is all wrong, this is not what we planned and I can’t do this after my emergency cesarean last time… I was scared!

We went upstairs to the delivery room and the fun could begin! I had so many negative thoughts as this was so unexpected and I just wasn’t prepared. I soon realized they were not going to give me a caesarean and then the panic of having another emergency caesarean started to set in, I don’t know how, but I managed to focus on getting my baby out! I was trying to think about some of the hypno birthing tips I learned during my last pregnancy (an advantage when they are so close that you remember it all very clearly!!). One of them was to focus on pushing instead of screaming even if it was extremely painful. Also I knew not to drink apple juice and take gas as last time that made me very sick…

It took only three hours for Ida Rose to enter the world from arriving at the hospital. The first hour or so was spent on getting her down and then a long stage of pushing. I was thinking at some point that this will be an emergency c-section again as she kept going up – but with a little help from my doctor she luckily came out in the end by herself. Thank you Ida Rose! I had no drugs or painkillers and I was extremely proud after a hard experience at my last birth. I pulled her out myself for the last bit and there she was on my belly, I was in a bit of a shock but so happy!

She was out by 10.10am after a good but very fast and therefore very hard birth experience. I had hardly no tear and afterwards I had her on my belly for three hours while the clamp was still pumping, and straight away she starting nursing. So incredible. She was 3900 g and 53 cm.

I have now tried both a caesarean and a drugfree natural birth – and I can honestly say this experience was SO much better and I’m happy I had a good experience this time. It’s so different when you feel good yourself so quick afterwards and can go directly to toilet and have a shower. I felt like superwoman! Not like after having my caesarean where I had to stay in bed for days and couldn’t move. Also I’m feeling happy and lucky my amazing doctor made it all happen. Best of all I can confirm – something many mums worry about – it is possible to have a natural birth after caesarean! Also after only 14 months!

Welcome to the world Ida Rose – we love you xxx

Ida Rose alread 3 weeks old ❤

4 thoughts

  1. Congratulations for giving birth naturally to your beautiful little girl, especially so close after a c-section.
    I gave birth to both my boys naturally (first one drug free and the second with the help of an epidural). The first experience left me so traumatized and in pain that I don’t think I will ever forget and yet I am told I should be thankful it wasn’t a c-section😊.
    It’s amazing how much pain us women can endure.

    1. Thank you ☺️ I do feel proud haha 😉
      I felt very traumatised after first birth too but it sounds like you had better experience second time as well? Well done!!
      We are for sure the strong gender 😜

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