A letter from little sister to her big brother James…

Dear big brother,

I’m not sure you know but soon we will meet. I’m your little sister and I’ve been listing to you for 9 months from mummys belly. I’m so much looking forward to meet, see, kiss and play with you. You have the cutest little voice and laugh and I will talk and laugh with you everyday. I know sometimes mummy and daddy don’t understand what you say, but I always understand you.

You know mummy and daddy much better than me but they sound fun and caring and I’m looking forward to meet them together with you. We will always stick together you and I against them 😉 We will have the best time together. I also hope you will look after me out in the big world. I’m a little scared to enter it but as long as I will explore it with you I’m ok. You have to teach me to talk, eat, walk and dance. I know we will be best friends forever. I hope you will look after me.

We have both listened to mummys heartbeat for 9 months so we have something very special together. I know she’s very sorry she’s not been there so much for you lately and not been playing so much with you or taking you on exciting adventures but she’s just trying to take care of me so I can be the best sister for you. I’m sorry I’m taking so much of mummys attention from you even you only had it so short time on your own. It’s early to share but she’s not doing it to make you sad and either am I so please don’t be upset with me when we meet. I hope you know that we love you and you are something very special.

I can’t wait to meet you. I’m not sure you know it but I already love you very much ❤

You little sister

Mie pregnancy final edits-5 copy

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