Let me share a secret with you…


A Mini Monster’s review of Mini Monsters Soft Play… We visited the NEW Mini Monsters at the DNATA building on SZR – the old one next to the Garden centre has now permanently closed!

We spent a day in Mini Monsters and to be honest I was tempted to skip this review because I wanted to keep this fabulous place for ourselves…!! But I guess that wouldn’t be right so we will share the secret:

What JV loved:

  • The deep and colorful ball pool, all 3 slides, the ball cave, the piano, the climbing wall, the tunnel, the carousel etc…
  • It was the first time we managed to spend two full hours in a soft play, but the time went so fast and JV was constantly entertained – the staff were fantastic and were there all the time to play and entertain as well.
  • Kids up to 7 years of age are welcome but the staff ensure that the older kids doesn’t disturb the smaller ones. Theres also an area only for below 4 years old – which is very nice when you have a baby…


What mummy loved;

  • It’s not a dark cave there lots of natural light, it’s all clean and new – important!
  • You can get your self an organic cup of coffee or nice lunch at the cafe just outside which is very reasonable priced (and free wifi!).
  • Free parking.
  • Helpful staff and they can also look after the kids alone if you wish so.
  • The play land is cleaned every day which you can see and feel.
  • Changing facilities and toilets are close to the play area.
  • I got exercise too from all the crawling around 😉
36 weeks pregnant – puu hard day!

What this mummy recommends for other mummies hoping to visit;

  • It can be difficult to find the way due to construction roadworks on SZR and in Business Bay but take Exit 48 and go first right. Its inside the DNATA building next to the Emirates Holiday building.
  • Remember socks for yourself and the little one.
  • Hard work for the pregnant mum – let the friendly staff take over 😉
  • Apologies in advance for the many visits you will end up doing!


August offers:

  • 2 hours play 50 AED in the soft play area or 75 AED if you want to explore the sensory room as well. Below 12 months go free.
  • Sunday offer; two hours play and a coffee & sandwich for mummy 80 AED.
  • Tuesday mornings 9am-12 pm; FREE!


JV enjoyed the Mini Monsters so much that we went again the day after 😉 We feel that it’s the best play land we have tried for his age, he laughed so much and there was so many things to see and do! I also think I can say that after all that fun playing, you could almost guarantee a good nights sleep afterwards 😉


More info: http://www.minimonsters.ae

See you there x





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