So this might be a goodbye…

IMG_1396-0The birth of  JV’s little-sister is only one month away and I’m starting to feel very excited and at the same time extremely scared, anxious and nervous… on one hand I want the time to go much faster so I can see her little cute face for the first time – on the other hand I’m trying to enjoy the quiet time and a decent night sleep… but isn’t it the case that all mums are a bit anxious before the birth no matter how many kids she already has given birth to?

I gained about 30 kg+ and honestly I feel a bit like a stranded whale with massive heart burn. If it’s true that the more heartburn the more hair, she will come out with a Tina Turner wig. She’s a crazy kicker and seem to never be sleeping so I think we can look forward to a little wild one! I also feel like she’s sitting very low and I don’t need to say that sleeping is a bit awkward now. Not to mention how my loud snoring keeps waking me up (poor hubby!)… And yes, the name is a secret… or to be honest not 100% confirmed either – so lets see!! We really need to have it ready for the hospital as here in Dubai you have to name the babies straight after birth…


The second pregnancy seems to have gone extremely fast compared to the first one. JV and I are trying to get the most out of the indoor weeks in the Dubai summer heat with activities his tired mummy also are able to survive… I see it as some good quality time between us before he needs to share his mummy. I don’t need to say its pretty hard to look after a toddler AND be 35+ weeks pregnant!!!! But honestly it wouldn’t be appropriate to complain… I know it’s a blessing and I’m not struggling with much pain and JV sleeps through every night 7 pm – 7 am (knock wood). Some days does feel eeeeextremely looooong when daddy is away 10 hours in the office but luckily hubby is a super daddy as soon as he enters the door he takes over with the dinner, bathing and sleeping. Lucky me and JV.

I try to keep ourselves busy with as many plans as possible and of course preparing for little-sister (not that we needed much this second time but clothes shopping is always a fun part of the preparation!!). So we try to go to indoor playlands, do shopping trips, go to the pool, meet with other lovely mummys and I also enjoy few times a week doing third trimester baby-bump exercise with a fantastic PT called Ben. I will tell you much more about this in another blog post soon. But SURE some days I’m just to tried for anything and we watch tv – which I swore I wouldn’t do – but hey nobody is perfect 😉


We celebrated JVs first birthday last month and it’s just amazing how fast time goes – he is so big and still so small to become a big brother already… Some days I feel bad that he has to share us already but I hope it will be the greatest gift ever for him and that they will become the best of friends… Many people say ‘ohh you are brave having two kids so close’ or ‘ohh you will have your hands full’ or ask ‘how will you deal with two babies as you don’t have a full-time nanny or maid’!?? But our family will come down and help us (thanks 2 x mums!). Also I’m sure we can survive without a nanny or maid as people do in the rest of the world 😉 But SURE, it will be some very tough years to come but we will have to manage… So this might be a goodbye as this is probably the last time I get chance to write a blog post in the next 5 years… 😉 😉


ME the next 5 years 😉

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