My birth story – James Viggo

It’s nearly one year ago I gave birth to James Viggo but I have never actually told you much about the birth, here on the blog. I needed some time to just absorb and reflect and to be honest I am not quite ready yet to give birth again – and that was also my first thought when I saw those two blue lines for the second time on the pregnancy test. But as second birth comes closer I need to get over the first one and prepare myself for the impending arrival. I thought by writing it down, it might be a great help.

My bump that morning!

My water broke at 9 am on the 3rd of July after an extra spicy curry the night before. I was 5 days past D-date and had been walking stairs, eating pineapples and all the other ‘recommended methods’ to start the labour. My water broke whilst I was waiting in my doctors reception just as my husband and I was checking in for an appointment to talk about a possible induction!! It felt like a water balloon bursting between my legs and it was quite a shock!
It was certainly very convenient to be with my Dr. Anni and she took me direct in for a checkup. There was no sign of the labour starting immediately or start of dilation so she recommended us to go home and relax and come to the hospital in 5 hours. But while I was there the contractions started and they came fast and they were painful. Within 45 min I was dilated from 0 to 4 cm and she recommended us to go direct to hospital as this could go very fast. Hurrah I thought, by noon we have a son!

But of course, no lady can check-in anywhere without her perfectly prepared and well-considered packed hospital suitcase (see here what I packed!) so I insisted to go past our home (in the opposite direction of the hospital!) to quickly pack the last bits and bring it with me. Well that drive was just not a good idea… Anyone who lives in Dubai Marina will know the traffic is never quick and omg it’s not nice to sit in a car with water breaking and painful contractions. My best recommendation is to choose a hospital close to your home – and don’t get your bag in the last moment!! Dubai has crazy traffic at times and the pain is not nice in a car especially if you have several speed bumps on your way!! I somehow managed the lift in our building by holding the handle very tight – I know that there were some other people in there but I didn’t notice them at all! Somehow we managed to pack the bag – or my husband did – and off to hospital in a rush…

We arrived at the private hospital Al Zahra around noon and check-in was smooth as all paperwork was done beforehand and we could quickly check-in to the labour room. I really wanted to use Hypno-Birthing methods and use the birth pool for pain relief but all went so quickly that there wasn’t time for any of it. My husband tried to remind about the Hypno techniques but I think I asked him to forget it, and not in a nice way! I was opening really quick and by lunch time I was fully dilated but he wasn’t lying correctly so after 10 cm the next step was only to push him down and a bit sideways…

JV wasn’t really happy to get down in the right position. The next couple of hours I was in the pushing stage but my doctor had to try to turn him around at the same time as I was pushing down, painful! VERY painful! I used way to much gas but it was something to focus rather than actually helping much as pain relief. I was still in my clothes from that same morning and I drank lots and lots of apple juice between the contractions – and I was very very sick (I won’t ever drink apple juice again!!). Getting him down was not easy at all and I was saying horrible words and things like ‘he is going to be an only child!!’ Which my husband thought was very funny…!

The time turned 5 pm and I had been pushing for a good few hours and I was very, very exhausted. They could see the head but he just wouldn’t get out. His heart rate however started to fall, so the doctor decided quickly that an emergency cesarean was required. They had however to push him back up first to be able to do the cesarean… The next 30 min went very fast but I remember how we flew down to the operation theater and thought, ‘is everything okay’? They tried to say that my husband couldn’t come with us but Dr. Anni insisted (of course!) and he came along. I never imagined ending up in this situation and not prepared at all but the spine anesthesia was a relief at the time and the cut was small and very quickly done. Before we knew it a beautiful little baby-boy was out and luckily started crying right away which is the bests feeling in the world, as you then know everything is then okay. I couldn’t hold him well because of my anesthesia but they took him down so he could lie on me and I could see him while I was sewed together. They measured JV to 3690 g and 51 cm of perfection. Everything went so fast after being so slow and I didn’t even understand what was going on. But he was finally here. We quickly went into the recovery room and he lay on my belly for skin to skin time. The instinct from small newborn babies are really amazing and he started ‘crawling up’ and eating straight away.

We felt incredibly happy my husband and I, even if it had been incredible hard it was a lovely experience. Especially because I trusted my doctor and her decisions all the way through. It wasn’t a long birth as such as he was out by 6.26 pm but the pushing stage was very long for me and it was much harder than I expected. The cesarean afterwards were also much painful than expected and I struggled not only with pain in belly but also horrible headache and back pain. Maybe if I wasn’t going nearly through a birth and then cesarean it would have been less painful but I definitely don’t think cesarean is an easy option as some might say…

I’m nervous for the next birth but also looking forward to see a little cute baby face again entering the world for the first time ❤ Lets see how it goes… to be continued in September… 😉


3 thoughts

  1. Kære Mie,
    Jeg hedder Lotte, jeg er Rikkes søster og jordemoder gennem 10 år. Din historie sprang lige i øjnene på mig og jeg måtte lige læse den…
    Og så får jeg en stor trang til at opmuntre dig, for sikke et fantastisk stykke arbejde du har gjort første gang!!!. Hvis ikke han havde stået skævt, havde du født flot!
    Det har du nu til gode, men alt det forarbejde du har gjort, har du altså alle gode kort på hånden og virkelig gode betingelser for en super fødsel. Den baby skal bare dreje sig rigtigt…bevægelse, knæ-albueleje under fødslen, og seriøse hofteryst/rulning hjælper BIG time!
    Rigtig god fødsel. Den bliver god.😊
    Mvh Lotte Raahauge

    P.s venter meget spændt på Rikkes baby og fødsel…..☺

    1. Hej Lotte! Tak for din besked det varmer rigtig meget at høre det du skriver (især fra en jordmoder!!) så tusinde tak for din kommentar det betyder meget.
      Jeg tror det ender med pks…
      Så spændende med Rikke og der ikke længe igen 😉 Knus Mie

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