The differences between first and second pregnancy


During the 1st pregnancy: You have lots of time on my hand = Eating, eating, eating… But you are following all the rules for safe pregnancy eating.

The 2nd pregnancy: You kinda forget the crazy amount of rules and recommendation on what to eat and not to eat – and coffee is necessary to survive. Much less time to sit on the sofa with your feet up and a bowl of ice cream. But that’s a good thing because your toddler wants to eat everything you eat!


1st pregnancy: You spend most of third trimester complaining about your lack of and very uncomfortable sleep!

2nd pregnancy: “Sleep? What is that??” You are quite happy to sleep on a stone as long as you just get a chance to close your eyes for just five minutes.


1st pregnancy: You have a huge stack of scan photos from the many doctor visits. Thinking about that little baby inside the belly is a full-time job and takes all focus from everything else.

2nd pregnancy: Well it all turned about perfectly fine the first time so why worry that much. And you don’t have time to worry anyhow…


1st pregnancy: Halfway through pregnancy and you have already bought enough items to keep three babies happy and a lot of it is probably not needed. Each item is only bought after a detailed investigation of all products in the market.

2nd pregnancy: “Well girls can wear blue and play with cars can’t they?”.


1st pregnancy: Round and beautiful with a beautiful new maternity wardrobe and you are able to wear heels.  You know the exact week, size and weight of baby and you take plenty of selfies week by week.

2nd pregnancy: “Heels? I’m quite happy if I get dressed before noon thank you”. As soon as that test shows two lines your belly start growing… and so do your but!

Preparation for birth:

1st pregnancy: You do an endless amount of reading, subscriptions to emails, attend social media groups with other mummies and attend prenatal courses – and of course you make a perfect and detailed laminated birth plan.

2nd pregnant: “When did you say my due date was again??”


1st pregnancy: Huge!!!!

2nd pregnancy: Huge!!! Maybe even more because now you know what to expect ❤



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