Product review: Phil & Teds Airlight Carrier

My little angle 😉

Lately James Viggo has been a bit mummy obsessed, so a baby carrier was for him the perfect product to test!! A Few times a year JV and I travel without Mr C back home to Denmark to visit my family. I always try to travel as light as possible as we have a stopover in Copenhagen airport before our connection flight to my parents home. To protect our expensive stroller and to get through airport security with as little hassle as possible, I usually check in our stroller using the Phil & Teds Universal stroller bag and then carry JV in the baby carrier. I have until now used the Ergo baby carrier which is very comfortable for both baby and mummy. The only issue I would say is that the carrier on its own weighs nearly one kg and it is quite big to have in my hand luggage. I recently discovered a lightweight carrier which sounds like the perfect thing for the traveling mum – especially for me now I’m pregnant again and need to avoid carrying too much luggage in my hand… But will it be comfortable and strong enough?

I tested the Phil & Teds Airlight Carrier on my recent flight from Dubai to Copenhagen and further on to Aarhus airport – a 12 hour trip;

Ease of putting on/taking off: I thought “I better test the carrier before I decide whether to take it on the flight”. At first I couldn’t get it on and needed help. But then I read the instructions See-no-evil monkey and the key is to strap it around waist – THEN close the back strap and THEN put in JV down in front and then close zipper… doh! Do not put the baby in before you close back strap like on many other carriers because then it’s to difficult!

The front zip function is great and it’s much easier than other brands I have tried, and I can do it all on my own! With my current baby carrier I usually struggle with the strap on the back and have asked strangers several time to help me open/close 🙂 I didn’t find it easy to adjust size at first but once its on and done it’s all fine. So there was no doubt I could swap it with my Ergo for this long flight – and so I did.


Comfort for mummy: The straps have no padding so after a while they get a little uncomfortable, it’s not ideal for long walks in the mountains but for walks in airport it was fine. After the baby reaches 9 kg you can swap to the back position which will switch the load-bearing balance. You can maybe say that it ‘only’ has two seating positions but actually two is good considering its a low price travel product.
I have a baby bump (and yes I’ve gained a bit recently) but I noticed that soon I won’t be able to fit the carrier anymore – the straps are not that long but maybe I’m not suppose to use a carrier with a bump – and maybe I’m suppose to eat less cake…?

Comfort and safety for baby: JV love carriers (probably because he is close to mummy!) and he is for sure also happy in the Phil & Teds Airlight Carrier! Sometimes if I can’t make JV sleep I put him into the carrier and soon he is sleeping ‘like a baby’… I did the same on the flight and it worked. Then I carefully swap him over in the flight bassinet and continue sleeping…

JV was sitting secure and I had no worries about his safety – he was happy to stay for longer.

Style & size: Less than 400g so it goes into my handbag very easy. The Carrier is available in 5 colors.

Value for money: 215 AED. I Don’t think you will find a much cheaper baby carrier in the market. For the flight I had no issue using it instead of my Ergo and will certainly be using it again.
photo 2-4
Hello Little mermaid! JV sitting in the Airlight carrier.
Product Summary:
🙂 Portable & lightweight. Goes in the handbag. Easy to get on/off. JV approved!
😦 No shoulder padding.
Fly away with Airlight 😉
Other details: 
  • Can be used from newborn (3,5 kg) to 12 months.
  • It comes with a newborn insert which is good but I would probably wait and put my baby in at around 3 months.
  • Machine washable.
photo 1-6
Happy travel this summer – from JV & Mum

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