A family trip to the Seychelles…




I know I’m one lucky bunny at the moment as I have won quite a few things recently! (Well I always feel lucky to be honest because I have a lovely husband, son and a daughter on the way 😉 ). But this Christmas I won a dream holiday courtesy of Mums the World (check out their amazing travel blog here)!! Can you believe it!! 4 nights stay in a 5 star hotel in Seychelles!!!! Yep, its true, I did win that! 🙂

So I was a good wife and invited my husband (and of course little JV!) on our first family trip to the tropical Islands of Seychelles. JV went on his 13th flight (!!) – but this one was only 4,5 hours and we stayed in the same time zone, yay!! These things wouldn’t have bothered me so much one year ago but nowadays it is very much appreciated when we travel with little JV that we can keep the bedtime routine going a bit 😉 As usual JV was kidnapped by the lovely Emirates air-hostesses and the trip felt very short.

I know many will think that we already live in Dubai so why go to another beach destination – and to you I must say, Seychelles is quite different from Dubai! Lots of trees, plants and mountains, and it is much more humid but still much more comfortable weather. For anyone who says it’s humid in Dubai: it’s not – just try Seychelles!!

After a short boat trip, which JV really enjoyed, we arrived at the beautiful Beachcomber Hotel on St. Anne Island. We got a warm welcome and were taken to our garden villa via a speedy golf buggy. It’s the only hotel on this tropical island and kept really private and natural. In the back garden of our villa we even had three large tortoises that were living next to lots of small lizards. Our villa had a huge outdoor area and even an outdoor shower (and an indoor one!!). But best of all it was kept in the style of the island and the surrounding nature.

Daddy and junior 🙂
Our new home for a few days 😉
photo 2
The next door neighbors
photo 1
Exploring the perfect sandpit 😉

The next couple of days were spent at the beach and pool – and at the big all-inclusive buffet. Everything was very family friendly and not so much the ‘couples only’ place I was worried it might be. All of the staff were extremely service-minded and gave special attention to our little one. The food in the buffet was lovely and again kept local and in style with the island and nature. Lots of fresh fruit, live cooking stations, mouth-watering fresh fish from sea, homemade bread and yummy deserts. I was fearing the worst for JVs eating time, but its brilliant with a buffet for a 10 months old. We can quickly get his food and a great option to try many different kinds of food. He has only just started eating what we eat, but that has just been even better after this trip. Favorites were watermelon and spaghetti Bolognese 🙂 And of course he loves to taste everything mummy eats!! (I’m not sharing my ice cream though 😉 ). We paid food ourselves but I think price were very reasonable for the all-inclusive food (one of these things there always been scaring me from going to these islands!).

Theres lots of cool activities you can do on the island such as beautiful snorkeling, scuba diving (if I wasn’t pregnant I would have done this!), sailing, hiking, tennis, biking around the island or just relax in the spa by Clarins.

Local specialties, fresh fish!
Happy relaxed mummy 🙂

The nature around the 110 Seychelles islands are exceptional and it was a perfect family getaway close to Dubai. I can only give my warmest recommendations to go here. Overall it was extremely easy to travel with a 10 month old, he is very easy to please once there’s water and sand and he can’t run away to far – only issue was, that it was way to short time 😉




Read more about the Beachcomber hotel in St. Anne.

Read more about Mums the World Blog here. It’s a great mummy blog about traveling with kids with lots of lovely photos.

 THANK YOU Mums the World & Beachcombers Hotels for a brilliant holiday x

photo 4
Thank you!!!!


Bye xx

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