10 reasons it’s great to be pregnant in the summer heat

I can’t believe I have to go through another pregnancy in the summer heat… But I’m not alone so let’s celebrate the advantages 😉

  1. You can eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can just blame it on the heat
  2. Flip flops and swollen ankles goes well together 
  3. No need to suck in your gut in the swimsuit 
  4. Drink lots of mocktails all day long in the pool
  5. If you pee a little when you sneeze no worries as you will be sitting in pool and no one will notice 
  6. The heat encourages you to stay indoor for a afternoon nap, guilt free!
  7. Sunglasses hide your dark circles under eyes from lack of sleep 
  8. No need to diet all through spring to fit into summer wardrobe 
  9. So much easier to get into a light summer dress than layer of clothes and boots 
  10. Spend lots of time baby shopping in the malls 

BUT remember (even the heat can be horrible) that pregnancy still are the happiest reason to feel like crap 😉



7 thoughts

  1. Haha love this post! I was pregnant in Abu Dhabi last summer and it was definitely challenging. The good thing is that I didn’t leave my house for a month after the baby was born and I didn’t miss a thing! 😉

    1. Thank you!! And yes same here 😉 I was really looking forward to a summer away but with little sister coming in September maybe next year 😉 it’s not easy here on the summer and I can already feel the heat!!

  2. I am actually really relieved that I don’t have to work hard to reach “summer body 2015” this year, haha. Good to relax a bit.
    Also can imagine that it’s hard finding a winter jacket for pregnant ladies, whereas during summer that’s no problem 🙂

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