Product review: Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper (travel highchair)

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James Viggo is now weaning so his highchair is the most important baby product for me right now. Like most mums we have our familiar highchair at home, which we love, however when we are out and about it can be a bit hit and miss. In most of the restaurants in Dubai they offer a highchair but when we travel abroad its more of an issue. Recently I asked one of the online mummy groups the following question – ‘What travel highchair to buy for my holiday’? One of the (few!) answers was to buy a strap product for a chair which seemed cheap and handy but didn’t seem very stable for a wriggly little boy like our JV I thought… – but lets review the Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper:

Ease of putting on/taking off: First off I should say that this product isn’t actually a high chair, but a strap which can be attached to pretty much any chair, which can then effectively be used as a high chair (see photo!). I found the product very easy to put on, and I didn’t even need to read the manual. My first thought was that its very low for the him as he sits on a normal chair but it wasn’t an issue and it’s far easier than having him on my lap for the feeding.

I have tried a number of different chairs and so far it seems to fit all, including a beach chair, but I would make sure I was using a stable chair – more than for example a barstool 😉 It should also work good on a flight seat while travelling on the plane, but haven’t tried that yet!

Comfort and safety for JV: He seemed happy and maybe even appeared a little proud sitting on an ‘adult’ chair! He could comfortably eat his food and didn’t complain. He was happily singing and playing around in the chair with no issues. It’s not a chair to sit in for the whole day, but then again no highchair is. It gets messy so remember to use the long bibs, but if they do make a mess it’s fairly simple to wipe clean the chair.

There seems to be plenty of room for adjustment so should fit babies of all sizes. He was tightly secured and safe. I wouldn’t leave him unattended – but hey I wouldn’t do that in any chair!

You can use this Wriggle Wrapper for strapping in for naps on a single bed too. But I wouldn’t do that for JV as he doesn’t sleep on his back and I think he would feel a bit restricted. So in my case I could only test for sitting.

Style & size: Red/grey is pretty and I think the strap is smart. I wouldn’t be embarrassed setting it up anywhere. It is very compact and fit in my nursing bag.
The good thing about this wrapper product is that it’s one of the few travel highchairs which takes minimal space inside your suitcase or handbag – so its pretty perfect when you can’t bring a highchair with you.


Value for money: Price 200 AED. I think it’s good value, because it works! You can get a few other travel high chairs out there but they are more expensive.

Product Summary: 

🙂 Portable and lightweight. Very handy. Easy to put on/off. Happy baby.

😦 Couldn’t get it on and JV in with one hand. Gets messy but easy to clean.

Other details: 

  • Folded: 15 x 26 x 6cm
  • Age: From Newborn to 24 months (sitting position suitable around 6 months).
  • Machine washable.
  • Accessories included: 230cm strap for sleep use and a carry pouch.
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