Easter in Dubai…

image-22Happy Easter everyone ūüôā I kinda forgot its Easter – we don’t have the days off down here but thanks to Instagram and Facebook I’m happily reminded all the time about the Easter at home!! I’m dreaming about a yummy traditional Danish Easter lunch made by my mum with lots of fish, pork and drinks! Yumm!! Maybe when I’m¬†Denmark later this month… (hopefully she will read this!!).

Home cinema ūüėČ


James Viggo is really challenging me at the moment. He¬†is 9 months now and I’m more in love than ever! But¬†he¬†loves¬†to stand up anywhere and yes¬†as you can imagine¬†when¬†he¬†does this, there is also a lot of¬†falling¬†over and¬†hurting himself¬†too. I feel so sorry for him every single time¬†he is¬†hitting himself on the hard stone floor but guess thats how it is to be a little¬†adventurous boy, you learn from it…¬†We¬†have now¬†stopped the breastfeeding for good¬†and I’m pretty proud we did 9 months – but very happy it’s over for now and all by himself… I might¬†have to¬†start¬†again¬†in only 5 months and they were getting pretty sore… My first thought was ‘let’s go party’ but no have to wait after little sister is born ūüėČ

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Earlier this week we celebrated¬†my¬†hubbies birthday and his first bday as a dad! I’m not loaded with energy these days so¬†I thought good planning will make me manage this birthday! So I went to the shop the day before to buy a huuuuge steak and so I can¬†buy the ingredients¬†¬†to make crumble dessert with custard! His favourite! but being pregnant and super duber¬†distracted and maybe a bit of baby brain also,¬†¬†I left all¬†the shopping in¬†the stroller and only found them next day when they were missing in the fridge ūüė¶ well meat being outside in room temp in Dubai which¬†usually¬†24c¬†it’s very¬†smelly the next day I can say!! :/ I bought a frozen crumble defrosted and squeezed into my own pots to look homemade.¬†Another disaster ! The¬†Porcelain Pot broke and a disaster crumble with disaster steak was made… I¬†don’t hope he reads this because he didn’t know it wasn’t homemade! ūüėČ

We had a¬†Sandstorm¬†just¬†like¬†the one in¬†Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol this week and¬†it was¬†not nice!!! We had to go out that day¬†for¬†a few hours when it looked better¬†( we had to¬†meet my new 2015 Danish mummy group) and it was worth it! Okay the¬†trip from car to cafe was short but sandy, anyway I thought that as¬†JV eats so much sand on beach… it wouldn‚Äôt make a difference to him!!?? The prefect Thursday afternoon ended in Al Qsar which is an amazing 5* hotel here in Dubai where I was checking out the fantastic beautiful wedding venue together with my friend L,¬†who¬†his getting married next year!!¬†The wedding is¬†still¬†one year a way but¬†im¬†already looking forward like a crazy to celebrate them! And¬†scarily(but exciting)¬†by that time I will be a mum of¬†¬†two kids¬†‚Ästand no longer being pregnant,¬†mummy will be partying with style that day! ūüėȬ†The venue was more than perfect so¬†we¬†celebrated our find with a beautiful british afternoon tea which is my favourite dish at the moment ūüėČ Or maybe dishes ;)!!!

No holiday in Dubai without beaching but I think you all tired of those sunny photos ūüėČ

Happy Easter:)

Dubai sandstorm!
After sandstorm…

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