Goodbyes, growing babies & goodie bags

image-20I can’t believe its the end of March already. We didn’t yet have the change from winter to summer time here but when it comes it’s certainly a bit of a shock (50 degree heat) and also we don’t change the clock as they do at home – so now its only two hours difference which makes the Skype calls easier 😉 We have survived a couple of sandstorms and even a few rain drops so the ‘cold’ winter is almost over and we can already begin to feel that the heat will soon be taking over here in the sandpit. However I refuse to let the summer take me just yet, and I will make sure we get the most out of the last few nice weeks before we are stuck inside – luckily theres a lot to do outside still and also lots of stuff to keep me from laying on a sunbed all day. Everybody (especially my dear husband!) thinks a mum/housewife has plenty of time everyday to sit down and organize stuff but the day seems to be disappearing faster than the rain in Dubai.



One of the hardest parts of being an expat is saying goodbye to great people 😦 We meet so many lovely friends here but we always know its only for a short time before one part leave. It’s always sad and even though good friends stay with you for life, and for sure we will meet again, it will never be the same as we won’t live close by. It’s sad and I will never get use to it. Last week was one of those unfortunate times 😦 ‘Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again!’



We had lots of lovely visits from home over the last few weeks but now we’re getting back in to the routines. James Viggo is an active little man now, and from one day to another he has started crawling all over the house, and then before I knew it he was standing up everywhere and suddenly he was walking on his own (!!) with the baby walker (did you see the video I posted on Facebook and IG?)! Wheres my little baby?? This is suddenly going fast and he is becoming a big big boy. For that reason I also think its time to consider a nursery to get him out meeting other babies and keeping him entertained. Nurseries are big business in Dubai, so I have been out to have a look around. Nothing is of course good enough for my little man but I think I found one that will be just right. In Dubai we have the luxury to choose the nursery ourselves – but of course we have to pay all by ourselves also and its not cheap 😉 We have seen a high standard here, lots of greats activities for the kids and lots of focus on learning. What is especially nice is that they offer one teacher to every two kids!!! That made me feel more confident that James will be in safe hands. So I think we have made our choice, but before the little man will start, we will first go for a lovely little trip to Denmark to celebrate granddads/Morfar’s 70th birthday! ❤

image-17My bump (is still) a little baby girl and growing well (so is my butt!) it’s now the size of an avocado (the baby not my butt)!! I hope soon somebody will create an app where they compare the size of the baby with cake or chocolate, can much easier relate to that than vegetables 😀
40 % of the pregnancy time has already passed!! We are really excited about the little sister coming this September – only 24 weeks to go which I feel is like next week!! Time definitely goes faster the second time… Already now the name hunt has begun and we are excited to choose a baby girl-name which will match with James Viggo (How we chose his name? Read here!) – we need a good Danish and English name which will be possible to pronounce in both languages, but still be ‘very Danish/English’ and give good meaning for us. We have a few ideas but unfortunately we won’t share them quite yet 😉 Feel fee to share your suggestions!

The highlight of last week was the Mums & Babies Morning at the Gap store in Mirdiff. It was a ‘babyfirsts’ event hosted by the brilliant Dubai blogger We had a lovely breakfast, then we made little plaster casts of our babies footprints to keep forever, and we even got our little ones photographed in some fun and creative baby photography sets, we were even lucky enough to get a huge easter egg with a Gap t-shirt for the little one inside. Dubai events are for sure always perfect when it comes to freebees and goodies 😉 And the best part of all, was that I was the lucky winner of a 1st Birthday party for James Viggo in a high-end venue with food and beverage, entertainment, etc! Lucky James – but of course he deserves nothing but the best ❤

As some of you have noticed we have been checking out a few of the beach clubs and pools around Dubai recently. Yep this time I’m really making the most of my maternity life in Dubai I know it sounds like a great life, but actually I’m calling it “research” as im just testing a new product which I can’t tell you about yet, but something wonderful is coming up in Dubai 😉

image-21 image-19

Take care
Mie x

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