Me and the Bump (s!!)

I didn’t start a pregnancy blog for nothing… I like the pregnancy theme so much that I decided I wanted to continue it 😉 Time to add a ‘S’ to the bump. Me and the Bump – part 2. James Viggo is promoted to bigbrother. YEP, the second bump is on its way! I’m expecting child no 2!!

To be honest it was a surprise. I know how the baby is made of course but I didn’t expect my body to be ready yet. I know my head wasn’t. But I can only confirm that its true that you are more fertile just after birth and while breastfeeding!! But after a short panic attack: What an amazing surprise!!!!! My miracle is due mid September – and yes there will only be 14 months between the babies – and yes I know I will have my hands full… But its a blessing and we are feeling very lucky. I know it’s not so unusual but I never thought I would experience ‘Irish twins’ in English or ‘pseudotvillinger’ in Danish. And I have a lot to learn!

I went for the 12 week scan last week and the doctor thinks it’s a healthy… hold on… baby girl ❤ I just want a healthy and good baby like James Viggo and I keep asking myself whether it is really possible to create one more perfect little monster? 🙂 The funny thing was that I was expecting it to be a boy and only see myself as a boys mum now (my husband is one of three boys!). I thought it would be cool to have two boys close to each other and they would be best friends forever. Another lovely surprise. But I’m super excited about a girl. Mr C read that the perfect way to save money is to have babies very close. But I think he soon will know better…

Time seems to go much faster with second bump, when you also have the ‘first bump’ to look after!! I’m also much more relaxed about what to eat, do, think etc! It’s good to have something else to focus on than just pregnancy. BUT I must say it’s much much harder to be home with a 8 months old baby than sitting in the office being pregnant like I did last time (Well good job I quit because it will take loooong time before I’m back in work!). It’s not easy to look after a small one when you also need to look after yourself. I’ve been feeling much more sick this time and I feel the lack of sleep at night is slowly killing me. And this is also the reason I’ve much less time to update this dear blog – well now you know why 😉

Well… but new things are going to happen – its exciting – so stay tuned…!!!!

Me and the bump(s!)

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