Baby Picnic in Dubai

I’m very lucky to be part of an excellent Danish mummy group in Dubai, we are 13 mummies and 13 babies all born between March to August 2014 – we meet weekly and have been doing that for that last year. We started meeting before the babies were born so we could get to know each other and not only talk babies but lots of other stuff 😉 Its been really helpful and I can only recommend that other expat mummies try to search for people to meet up with, it is of course very cosy and social but also a great way to share tips and advice about the babies but also life in Dubai in general. I was also quite lucky that there was so many Danish girls in Dubai having a baby at the same time and the fact that they are all sweet and interesting people is a great bonus 😉 (Of course I know a lot of other ‘non-Danish’ Mummies which are great too!!).

Last weekend we arranged a little picnic and invited the husbands and older siblings so we could all meet each other. We arranged the picnic in a park called Al Barsha Pond Park (it’s a beautiful luscious green park in the middle of this desert city!). We packed the picnic basket and had a great day with lovely food and fantastic people. It was so great for the kids of all ages to have fun in the fresh air and lots of space to run and crawl 😉 I’m pretty sure all the little ones had a long sleep after all the fun!

Picnics are just such an amazing, cheap and easy weekend family activity, and Dubai is just great for picnics most of the autumn, winter and spring (except for today as it is actually raining!!) As I said we went to Al Barsha park but there are many other parks to go to in Dubai or even the Ripe market or the Polo club where JV had his very first picnic. I just made some sandwiches and quickly baked some cookies, on previous picnics I have made mini quiches, chicken drumsticks, saldas, fruit salad or vegetable sticks, all fairly easily prepared within short time –  as long as I actually remember to plan it… 🙂 Or we just buy it ready made from the supermarket or cafes like Lime Tree or Jones the Grocer – or go to a one of the picnic Brunches 😉

Why not try to get out with your family while the weather is perfect (not today!!) and enjoy a picnic in one of Dubai’s many beautiful parks 🙂





















 Thanks to sweet K and L for beautiful photos –

and to the mummygroup for letting me use them 😉

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