What I have in my baby changing bag…

One thing is for sure, this bag have been my most used handbag the last 6 months!! My pregnant friend L asked me recently what to buy and put in the changing bag – so I thought it was a good idea for a blog post 😉 I will share my bag contents and what I see as necessary for when we are out and about… As usual when it comes to babies we all have different needs, but James now being 6 months old I have some experience, I think 😉

First of all make sure you get a good bag with lots of pockets to keep yourself organized (or get lost in the 100 pockets!!) and its advisable to buy a bag that can hang on the pram or stroller (So there is more room for shopping bags!!). There are many options to choose from and take the one you prefer, after all you will be using it quite a lot (and possibly your husband too, so remember he may not like pink as you do!). Try to go for one with zipper!! A friend of mine said she hated her bag because it had a big noisy velcro closer which woke up the sleeping baby every single time she opened it – so maybe avoid that 😉 We have a very simple black one from Mamas & Papas with lots of room and many pockets and it also has a thermo pocket, great for keeping cool/warm drinks, and my bag also includes a built-in changing mat and zip bag. I always have it ready packed, so we can leave the house at a minutes notice (well that’s the theory anyway)!

For all those new mums out there who are wondering what to pack for a baby, here are some details on what I have in my baby changing bag…

For Baby (in Dubai!);

  • Nappies at least 3 pcs or more if it’s a full day event
  • 1 pack of wet napkins
  • Foldable changing mat or disposable changing mat paper (it’s not always nice out there!)
  • Nursing cover
  • A few small favorite toys
  • 2 dummies and dummie chain (I really couldn’t live without the chain, so handy when you take him up and you avoid getting dirt on it if they drop it!)
  • 1-2 Muslin cloths
  • 1-2 extra set of clothes in case of an ‘accident’
  • 1 pair of socks for the cold malls
  • Ready prepped food, cup & spoon (for when they start on solids)
  • Bib (first for saliva later for food!)
  • Small plastic bags for used nappies and dirty clothes
  • Light blanket
  • Summerhat and sun cream in the summer heat
  • If you use formula milk; hot water in a thermo bottle, bottle and milk powder

For Mummy;

  • Purse
  • House key
  • Phone
  • Lipgloss
  • Water
  • Sunglasses
  • Handlotion
  • Breast/nursing pads
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hairband
photo 2-3
This is how it looks 😉


Right now I’m really excited about my new stroller organiser, that hangs on to the handle, it’s so much easier to find everything, rather than digging around in the big bag which is often stored underneath the baby in the stroller. Maybe i’m a little un-organized, so previously it’s has been a bit of a nightmare to find keys, lipgloss, money etc in my large bag! And of course we would never leave the house without the umbrella (Sunshade) and cup holder for the Starbuks coffee – that is a must 😉

If you like this post you might also like my post about the hospital bag – read it here.

Take care



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