Happy New Year… Happy New Shoes…

photo 3-2
The Connor family NYE 2015

Suddenly its 2015! Almost out of the blue! 2014 was a different year, lots of ‘firsts’! It was the year when my husband lost two pair of my sunglasses!!, my weight came above 85 kg, we travelled a lot less than the previous years, had a lot less sleep, a lot more food was consumed (especially carrot cake), I won 3 beautiful gifts in 3 different competitions, I met lots of new lovely mummies, for the first time I said goodbye to good friends leaving Dubai, I also learned that people actually enjoy to read about my little life through this blog, it was the first time in my working life I have not had to get up for work in the morning, AND of course I had a big big bump/gave birth/2 became 3… – we had baby James Viggo which gave us lots and lots of new experiences and so much more than we could ever had imagined. So yes, 2014 was a good year. But that’s past now and 2015 is here!
To use a shoe analogy (my favorite thing) it’s like getting a pair of brand new shoes laying in their beautiful box. So clean and unworn. Ready to be worn and enjoyed, ready to make you feel good and take you to new places you never have seen. Use the shoes and feel good in them. Some shoes are a bit tight at first but they always get better after a while. Stilettos, sandals, flip flops or trainers, doesn’t matter, just try to get the most and best out of what you have – and if you don’t like it, change your shoes. No matter what – just keep walking (or dancing!!) through 2015!

photo 1
Danish Kransekage disaster for NYE!

Okay enough of the wise words! We started 2015 in style at our friends villa in Dubai. Lovely food, awesome company and lots of champagne, this is certainly the way to start a new year in style! JV sat with us at the dinner table for the first time in highchair with his own little New Year hat on – he loved the party and was of course as always a good boy. He didn’t sleep all through the night but enough to let mummy party a bit!! However it takes a few days to get back to normal after a crazy night when you have a baby but felt good to have some funny Mie time!! 🙂 Dubai has the most spectacular fireworks (only hotels are allowed to have firework but have it often) – probably in the world. So to be fair we have seen the most amazing fireworks many many times down here (call me spoilt…) but I miss standing on the street and just look up in a sky and see fireworks everywhere and not only in a few spots which you only can see if you are lucky. It’s a good thing that we couldn’thear it so loudly so JV slept happily into the new year!

photo 4
JVC 6 months old 🙂

A few days into the new year (new shoes!!) JV turned 6 months old – half a year! I cant believe how fast it has come. He is the best best boy (as his aunt calls him)- not that I want to brag 😉 – But it’s also been 6 months of many new life confirming experiences.

I hope my 2015 shoes are comfortable, beautiful and of course have style. My plan is to make 2015 incredible and I wish for you all out there, that 2015 is also the best shoes so far. Thanks for reading my blog the previous year!

New year resolutions – I don’t believe in them – but good reason to start on a fresh. Maybe we call them this years ‘shoe details’…:

  • Eat better – at least try to cut down on daily sugar amount… :/
  • Move more – not more exercise just need to move more, walk, dance, swim whatever just move!
  • Be a good mum/sister/daugther/aunt/cousin – we miss family and want to see them more in the new year – and also just talk more, be there for them and especially make sure they are part of JVs life 🙂
  • Always be a supporting and loving wife
  • Save money – I hate this one but my husband insist (no more new shoes…?!)
  • Update this blog more!!!!

Happy New Shoes to you my dear reader!

Mie xx

photo 5
Dubai Marina 2015


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