‘Christmas in Manchester’ by baby James Viggo

Me, mummy and a few bags
I knew something was happening when mummy and daddy were awake AND up before me – it was also still dark outside. I was squeezed into the carrier on mummy’s belly like a baby kangaroo and when I woke up we were inside a big metal bird. It was so noisy and boring so I slept a bit more… I woke up in the cold, grey and rainy place with lots of people. That’s when I knew we were in England! We were in Manchester to visit my family there and to celebrate this thing called Christmas that everybody was talking about. It was so cosy but very cold and dark all day, they put me in two pyjamas at night, silly people. But it also made me hungry for real food so I stole a cake from Nanna and put it in my mouth when nobody was watching, yummy that was nice, why don’t they always give me that instead of horrible porridge? Then I would eat! The cake reminded me of the food I used to get when I was inside mummy’s belly 🙂 But okay I decided to start eating food now anyway because it feels nice on my tongue, but only yummy things of course.

Ready for wedding, couldn’t wait to pull mummys hat!
We attended a wedding, it was my uncle R and aunty H and she now has the same last name as mummy, Mrs Connor, that’s so weird when they are not same person. But they dressed me up in very smart clothes, it was a bit stiff  to wear but everybody thought I was so cute and kissed me a lot, which was nice, I liked those clothes. The night of the wedding, I was a big boy and slept without my parents! Mummy said she didn’t sleep but I had a great night and so much fun with my Auntie A. I was also very tired after the wedding, but it was so exciting and nobody else was sleeping during the day so why should I? The next day Auntie A and mummy took me for nice long stroll at the Christmas markets in Manchester which were so cosy, mummy ate all the time and daddy was home because he drank too much milk the day before, and felt poorly.



Suddenly it was time for Christmas, first on the 24th of December mummy was excited and they spent ages cooking. Mummy, daddy and Nanna were all busy in the kitchen, I also got some special yummy food and some nice shiny paper I could tear into pieces, I think there was something hidden inside but I didn’t notice what it was, I only liked the shiny paper, such a great noise it can make, wow. They ate Danish Christmas dinner and because mummy says they celebrate this day the birth of Jesus. Daddy thinks mummy is silly and says that it’s the 25th day which is the correct Christmas day, but they also said I’m lucky because I have two Christmas, so I think this is something special. I don’t understand how you can have birthday two days, but what do I know, I didn’t have one of those birthdays yet!! However I slept good and I was excited dreaming about a man in red clothes and white beard which I saw in the living room. The next morning they were all excited and we passed around parcels and pulled lots of shiny paper and ate ribbons, I liked it a lot! After that mummy was a bit crazy she was jumping and dancing, they said we go on holiday to Seychelles, I think they talked about babysitting, but no I want to come to that thing whatever it is. image[7]Apparently she won a holiday and it was a big surprise. She also got very nice shiny gift from daddy so mummy said Christmas in England wasn’t to bad after all. We also ate a lot that day, and later on we played music with the boys, daddy says I was on percussion (whatever that is) but I mostly just played with my rattle. Very noisy which is fun! Apparently when its  Christmas you can make lots of noise.

The next day they called boxing day, but we didn’t box? Instead we visited my cousins in Liverpool and ate more food and shiny paper and made more noise. Yay! But then after that suddenly they all looked out the window and something white was falling from the sky. I think somebody was dropping porridge from the sky? It was pretty cool – and cold! Daddy wanted to take photos outside but I just wanted to get in the warm, but I smiled because everybody else did 🙂 I like Christmas and this was my first now maybe we can do again tomorrow? We are home now again at the beach. I miss everybody also my Danish family which we didn’t visit but its nice and warm here and I can relax with mummy! Now they are talking about some other new thing called New Years Eve, I really hope this means more shiny paper 🙂

Bye for now,
James Viggo

Me and daddy
I love Christmas!!!!

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