JVC’s view on our weekly activities…


IMG_7227Mummy and I do a lot of funny stuff together, I think it’s great as long as I get my milk and some good naps ;)(Mummy has been trying to make me eat and nap more but I don’t mind that, she thinks it will make me sleep more at night but it won’t – don’t tell her because I quite like the increased amounts of milk haha!). Mummy now seems to like taking me for long walks around the Dubai Marina where we live. There’s a lot of big boats, noisy cars, blue water and so many people with cameras. I like the fresh air and especially now that mummy has found a seat that I can sit up in, instead of always lying down. Now I can see everything in front of me and I can look out for mummy – she likes to visit that place with a little green mermaid but sometimes afterwards my milk taste a bit bitter – but I feel so fresh! We also often stop by the big yellow mall for shopping – mummy always spends all daddy’s hard-earned money! I started Baby swimming but that has stopped for the season, however we still practice in the jacuzzi outside its so nice and warm! I like that a lot and mummy likes the sun, I don’t, so it’s a good job I have my sun hat on!

This week we went early up one day, I didn’t sleep all night so I didn’t like it and mum was looking weird, but it was nice to sit in my buggy and have a nice nap in the sunny morning while mummy looked silly. Mummy said it was mountainbuggy fitness but my car is not a mountainbuggy its an Icandy car so I don’t quite understand? However mummy said afterwards she was in pain but that it was a good pain (what is that?)… she also said it was great to do some of that ‘exercise’ which I have never seen her do before, but it must be hard as she looked tired but happy! But daddy said he was so proud of her that she lost 22 kg after having me and that its unbelievable when she eats cake all the time 🙂 I liked her better with the big soft belly and arms :/


Mummy also takes me to these very fun and crazy sensory classes, we are using something called the ‘senses’ to see, smell, listen and feel a lot of amazing stuff. They say its to develop my language, social, emotional and physical skills – they always surprise me – and mummy to 😉 This weekend it was a special christmas edition so my friend Charlie and I (and all the other small elfs) we were rocking around the christmas tree, looking at a snowy winter wonderland and making as much noise as possible with Christmas bells!! Good times!! And tiring!!

Also this week mummy took me to a course which was for her but I enjoyed looking at the other babies! She called it Baby Led Weaning, I have no idea what that means but it was about me eating the same food as mummy and daddy and I also get to play with it so I guess that means making lots of mess, grabbing and throwing things. Yahoo, sounds SO much fun! I’ll for sure be happy about that! Mummy says we will try once I’m 6 months old! (Psttt…. Mummy says it’s the Love Parenting UAE classes –and that they do different workshops about breastfeeding, sleeping class etc and also were my parents did the hypno birthclasses).


There was one bad thing we did last week and this was to go to the doctor man! He is nice but I had two big needles in my legs and it hurt so much 😦 Mummy said I did really well though but it was not fun at all!! Doctor man said I’m 6,7 kg and 67 cm 🙂

I’m very excited about this so-called Christmas thing you all keep talking about now! Mummy is playing christmas music all day long (but sounds better than when she sings!) and she eats much more than usual! We have a big green tree (!!??) in the house covered with lights and decorations which I love to look at! Most of all its exciting that she says we go to Manchester to see my English family. I will miss my Danish family a lot though 😦 but I can’t wait to see what that Christmas is about, I hope this will be coming often!

Happy day 🙂

James Viggo Connor


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