I wish I knew then what I know now…

… what I learned by having a 5 months old baby;


  • It’s VERY tough to get back on with the exercise after having one year off! I didn’t do exercise in pregnancy and I think a 90-year-old is in better shape than I am right now!!!
  • It’s important you are able to get outside and do stuff with baby, not just sit indoor all day even its tempting (difficult in the 50 degree summer heat in the Dubai).
  • It gets easier…! First weeks are SO tough but it really does get easier, its true!!
  • Babies don’t always sleep – AND baby can sleep though at 6 weeks but not necessarily afterwards…
  • Everything really is a phase… tough as well as good phases!
  • I can’t decide myself when I want to stop nursing. I imagined to stop at 6 months but having a baby there won’t take food or formula… not gong to happen!
  • It’s okay to put your boy in girl clothes!! Having a slim baby means he can’t fit the average baby boy pant, so we have to buy girl pants (don’t tell his dad!)
  • It’s just as nice to go out with the girlfriends after baby as it was before baby… (and important to have some private time)
  • I was sure I wouldn’t let baby sleeping times change my life but it does…
  • It can be difficult to stop using those maternity pants (I know, but they are SO comfy!)
  • Don’t let anyone think you don’t know your own baby best, don’t feel pressure about what others says regards nursing/cesarean/development/clothes fashion etc. Do whats right for you and your baby
  • Baby can really s*** themselves all up the back :/
  • You need to love coffee to be a mum, if not you will soon do…
  • You don’t always do as you thought you would, its okay to change your methods or idea of being a parent!
  • Routines are not necessarily a bad thing…
  • Dates nights are a gift from heaven ❤
  • You don’t necessarily cry the first time you hold your baby
  • You DON’T fit your old clothes a few weeks (or months) after birth
  • You are able to do anything with one hand!
  • 5 minutes to shower, get dressed, do hair, brush teeth and drink a half cup of coffee is more than enough
  • You never empty a cup of coffee again
  • You don’t really need that much stuff and equipment for the baby! They only need clothes, a bath, food and a cosy place to sleep – that’s it!
  • Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t reach development stages according to the books – everybody is different!
  • You do take a huge amount of photos, make sure you have lots of empty space on phone and camera!
  • Make sure you get some photos with yourself and baby – and as a family!
  • Poop is no longer a taboo
  • You will experience a love you never imagined
  • (Feels like) You will never read magazines and books again!
  • Daddy is a brilliant babysitter, don’t worry!
  • Shower time is suddenly amazing
  • Your pregnancy cravings don’t disappear over night!!
  • It is maybe possible to have to many shoes… if you are 5 months old…
  • That baby really DOES change your life – everybody tells you this but you might think ‘yeah yeah’ but maybe they are right..!

Being a mum is hard and its okay to feel that! But its a gift and you are an amazing mum ❤




8 thoughts

  1. Hej Mie.
    Jeg har netop i dag opdaget dig på Instagram og nu også din blog.
    Jeg blev selv mor for første gang d. 12/7-14 til en dreng. Vi er også flyttet til udlandet (Schweiz) og så er min kæreste firma i Dubai, hvor jeg og vores søn var med sidst, da han var afsted. Det var min første gang i Dubai og GUD hvor er det dog fantastisk!!!
    Det var bestemt ikke sidste gang og næste tur er da også allerede planlagt😊
    Jeg glæder mig til at følge dig både her og på Instagram.
    Hilsen Stine

      1. Hov lidt for hurtig der!! Nej det jeg ville sige var vi har en nega god dansk 2014 mødregruppe 🙂 men håber du kommer en masse med i solen! Er glad for du ku bruge bloggen trænger til en opdatering men som du ved går dagene hurtigt med den lille 🙂 ses! Mie x

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