Only in Dubai…!

Looking good ladies 🙂
First night out!

I’m so tired that I actually started crying last night when I had to get out of bed and up to James for (what felt like) the 50th time that night! But I had a really good and busy weekend and that’s probably why I’m tired!! The weekend started with my first ‘real’ night out since James was born 😀 I had my nails & hair done and bought a new dress & heels (which I wasn’t sure I could wear after wearing flats for 1 year!). I had pumped out what felt like 10 liters of milk, I was rested and just super ready for going out to party with the Danish mummy group. We are all totally out of practise for this partying lark but were excited about having our first night out as a group of friends not mummies! We went to a lovely restaurant, where we had an unlimited amount of sushi and wine, and believe me the wine was flowing. I don’t need to say that we were happy about just being ourselves for a night without thinking about smelly nappies or cleaning up baby sick. It was first time we were out and dressed up and the whole group looked stunning!! We even went for a nightclub afterwards and I went home with very sore feet and a heavy head! I Had to pump out again once I was home but luckily James slept okay that night waking only 2 times, but wow how I felt tired when he was ready to play at 7 am! :/

Crossfit dads – with no time to cross fit 😉

After breakfast in bed served by Mr C we went to watch our friends’ Crossfit event “Firestorm” at the Reebok Lifespark box, I used to love Crossfit but I have not been for ages because I have an endless amount of excuses, at the moment it is that I’m SO much out of shape I won’t embarrass myself that much!! But I fell motivated when I see the weights and amazing team-sprits 😉 Good for James to see some sport activities and we also managed to meet a few other cute babies! On Friday evening we went out for a yummy Thanksgiving dinner at great friends, and we also found time to teach James the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree 😉 His little eyes lit up with joy when he saw the fairy lights switched on, so cute!! I was quite nervous to go out that evening at 8pm for the dinner… Most days we are home by James’ bedtime (6.30pm) to make sure he get the rests he needs. But it actually went better than when he sleeps in his own bed haha 😀 He fell asleep at usual time in his bed at home. We then gently took him up and put him into his car seat as we had a short drive, and  we quickly snuggled him into a big bed in the guest room all before he woke up. As I have mentioned previously our night-routine is not ideal at the minute (due to his teething maybe) and he usually wakes up first time between 9-11pm – but this day he slept to 1am 🙂 Yay!! Thanks for letting mum and dad having a good time 🙂 After a quick feed and then home to bed and ‘only’ waking up at 4am and 7am which is very good for him! 😉

The next day was time for the Nordic Christmas event at the Jebel Ali Hotel in Dubai! This means sand, beach, sun and 27 degrees 🙂 And Christmas trees & songs, fun & games, Nordic food & drinks! Best of all was of course that santa arrived in a sea plane at the beach (okay we missed it because we were late but thats life with a baby!!) 😉 It really was great fun for the families relaxing under the palms and drinking Glogg (Mulled wine) – only in Dubai 😉 After all this action there was a perfect end to a great Christmas weekend James and I went to a one of my friends’ house to do our traditional Christmas baking, we do this every year, but it feels more special now with James involved! We all prepare a special Christmas flavours cookie dough which we then decorate and bake together – then we all swap and share all the different cookies in the end 😉 It’s a great little tradition in the Danish community here, James isn’t that good at the baking yet but I’m sure next year he will give mummy a hand 😉 I think it goes without saying that I ate so much I skipped dinner that night!! 😉 So this was a perfect Christmas weekend in Dubai – so yes Christmas also comes to the desert this year 😉






Happy December everyone – and happy National Day UAE


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