Pregnant? Baby apps…

Mie gravidbilleder (520)bw2For the pregnant mums today:

To keep track on my cycle during pregnancy  I followed a few really handy apps – they kindly reminded me about; how many days to go, the baby’s size, and stories of common experiences at each stage etc. I can highly recommend to follow some of these if you are a control freak like me! There’s lots of good apps in the market and I have mentioned a few apps below which I really enjoyed throughout my pregnancy. It’s much easier than books nowadays (I never read the ones I got!) 🙂 There are many more apps out there but I used below free apps…

Can you recommend any?

1. What To Expect App and homepage: Popular American site after the book of same name –  Love the weekly baby video to follow size and development! You can also sign up for daily emails.


2. The Bump app and homepage: Compare your baby’s age to its size in fruits and veggies on the app and the webpage gives you lots of info on pregnancy, parenting, toddlers, baby gear and much more!

photo 3

3. I’m expecting app: An app where its easy to follow your body’s development, especially your own weight and size of the baby.


4. WomanLog Pregnancy app: Has a great countdown calendar if you turn your phone horizontally it shows the countdown by the second!


5. The Babycenter app and homepage: Fun daily updates with great photos of baby in bump.


And a Danish favorite:

6. Min Mave: For the daily emails and a great blog to follow, has a Facebook page for ladies with due dates in July which I still follow – warning: quite addictive and very time consuming 🙂


Handy Apps after delivery;

The Wonder Weeks / Vidunderlige uger: Advises you about your babys’ developmental leaps to understand what he is going through, help him through the difficult times, and encourage him as he takes on the momentous task of growing into a toddler. See also this post about the wonder weeks.


Happy Thanksgiving – lets eat some yummy food today 😉



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