One month to Christmas…


I love Christmas and I count down the days as if I am still 5 years old – it’s hard to believe but as of today there is only one month left for us Danish folk because we celebrate Christmas on the 24th!! This year Christmas will obviously be extra special… as it’s little James Viggos’ first Christmas. This also makes me feel responsible for creating good memories and traditions for my little man. Yes, I know  he is still a bit young to understand but we need to create our own traditions as a little family and why not start now.

In our house we mix the Danish and the English traditions, and JV is probably the most lucky child in the world as he will always will have two Christmases 😀 In Denmark we celebrate the 24th in the evening and in the UK obviously on the 25th in the morning… JVs first Christmas will be in Manchester! It will also be my first Christmas in the UK… So I’m pretty excited for this as well, I insist opening my own present on the 24th (If you still get that when you are a mum??). Hoping for snow but probably not in Manchester, it always seems to rain :/

Yesterday I started to prepare this years’ Christmas baking and later this week all the Christmas decorations will be taken out from the cupboards and the green plastic tree will be folded out!! I will also be attending my first Christmas party (and first party as a mum!!) on Thursday, we (The Danish girls!) are planning to spend Saturday baking special Christmas cookies, and I will also be excited to receive my special order of Danish christmas food and most exciting of all we will be attending the Nordic Christmas event in Dubai (biggest in the region)! So yes, Christmas starts with full force this week!!!

I think my own Christmas memories are a lot about yummy food and decorations. When I was a child living in the countryside my mum, sister and I made lots of homemade decorations and baking and preparations for Christmas. I helped my mum in the kitchen a lot – she will however probably say I ate more than I made!! But it’s probably the reason I enjoy it so much and appreciate the Christmas baking myself!

Some ideas for baby’s’ first Christmas;

Take baby and family photos, maybe have a professional photo taken at a photographer

Make your own baby related Christmas cards for the family – fx use the photo from photographer…

Shop for Christmas clothes for your little baby. Why not dress them up as santa or an elf, so when they are older you can show them the photos of how cruel a parent you used to be 😉 or if that’s not your thing maybe treat yourself to a nice dress for the holidays 😉

Get a stocking for small presents (maybe put in gifts for yourself while baby is still to young 😉 )

Choose some of your old family traditions or decide to create new traditions you want to follow fx regarding Christmas tree, making decorations, baking or christmas movies

Visit santa or a Christmas tree in town (here in Dubai the hotels have amazing trees)

Buy a special ornament for the year fx with name, ‘2014’, location

Let the Christmas spirit begin so your little one can learn about the magic of this special time of year,  as always it’s spending the time with close friends and family that really makes it special 🙂

Let the Christmas begin!!!!


‘Brunkager’ in the making




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