Sickness, baby-swimming & (lack of) sleep!

  photo 3The poor little viking JV has been sick 😦 He was having a cold and a little cough. It hurt my heart every time his little body had to cough and that’s despite most of the times laughing at it! I think it might be the AC and its difficult to decide how to dress him the right way when the AC is going, it’s hot outside but often really cold  indoor. The poor little man then started to throw up all his milk (sorry for details) as well… 😦  he was still smiling but seemed tired and sluggish, (I was smelly and covered in sick all day long) and I also started fell ill, so it was time to go to the doctor (I use the GP in the clinic where I used to go for my pregnancy check ups). The doctor thought it was the rota virus but pretty quickly JV sickness disappeared after visiting the doctor and without using any medicine it just stopped. And now, thank God, he fighting fit again – but it was very surprising how baby sickness can suddenly take over a whole week and I think I appreciate our normally good health a bit more now… But it was so hard to be sick AND looking after a sick child!!!

We had to do the vaccinations this week too, but I decided to just wait a bit to be sure he is feeling okay, he also has 4 teeth on its way so I don’t want to put too much stress on him. I don’t like the vaccinations, I’m trying to say they are better than getting sick and its to help him but it hurts so much on the mum… – last time JV cried so much and I cried too! It was horrible I’m already fearing the ones at 6 months and 12 months… I don’t know but maybe because (I’m so privileged) he never cries it hurts me twice as much to hear his little scream 😥 I know I have an easy baby who rarely cries but I have never been used to anything else, so I still find it hard sometimes when he is upset, its maybe not fair, but that’s how it is 😉

As soon as we were back on track we went for baby-swimming. We are going to the pool in the Lakes and taking lessons with this winter season, its cosy and JV loves it more and more! Its outdoor, surrounded by palms and the air and water is above 30 degrees, whats not to like (not to mention the tanning option for mum!). He has also now managed to gets his head under water, it was very scary first time, but now he really enjoys it and I believe its good to learn not to be afraid of water. I can see he enjoys the water now! We have also been to our own pool a few times, and he laughs a lot (maybe because of silly daddy rather than the water fun!). The only downside to baby-swimming is that I need to wear swimsuit in public – and gosh the preparation and changing before and after takes longer than the actual swimming not to mention my very late bath so it’s almost an alldayer, but I guess that’s how it is to have a baby 😉 If you decide to start baby swimming, make sure you pack lots of towels, swimming nappies, swimsuit/full body suit, sun hat, sun cream, dry clothes for afterwards and yourself in a swimming outfit 🙂 The baby should be able to start at 3 months and I think the new season starts in February. The 30 min session involves playing, singing and swimming practice. Oh yes and baby sleeps very well afterwards 😉

JV is usually sleeping by 6.30 pm and slept through the night when he was 6 weeks old, but right now our nights are tough and JV wakes up every second or maybe third hour (if I’m lucky), he is hungry and always wants to eat… maybe time for some real foods soon!! I’m so tired – any good advice?

We had my very good friend M visiting this week, its been so lovely to spend lots of time together, good thing about having visitors coming down here is the amazing quality time – which I miss 🙂

photo 2
Selfie (which we invented before it was popular!!)



P.s. A shout out for all the new mums; don’t worry it will all gets easier! Its tough in the beginning, but soon you will sleep more (forget what you have been reading above 😉 ) change less diapers, take longer showers, take less photos (no not really), be out for longer, have a date night or two, get into routines and he will eat faster – please don’t stress or worry, it will all get easier and most of all try to enjoy every precious moment as it goes so fast 😉

photo 1
Feeling great again 🙂


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