Public transport in Dubai with a baby…?

I don’t have my own car!! Yes I know – its sounds unbelievable in this car-crazy, over-consuming, low-priced fuel country that I don’t have my own housewife car! But it’s true I don’t – and I discovered recently that I actually don’t really need it because there are now great alternatives in Dubai! There you go, I just said it out loud – public transport in Dubai is working fine!! 😉

Years back I would have said that it was impossible to live in Dubai without a car – and no it’s not always ideal in the summer heat – but its possible and we save money and better for environment! No doubt it’s very convenient to have your own car but the traffic can be a challenge at the best of times  and the road system is a maze,  so I actually like the  stress  free feeling of not having my own car. It can even be an exciting adventure to take public transport, and to be fair the public transport has improved massively in the time I’ve been here so its much more easy to get around – even with a baby!

1. Metro
My favorite transport at the moment – I love the big city vibe on the metro 😉 I’ve been afraid of taking the metro because I thought it’s not for me, but hey its works brilliantly, it’s easy, clean, cheap, fast and very baby friendly! Now the winter is here, its nice weather to walk outside to the station. As I live in the marina it’s so convenient to walk to the station and to take the pram on board and not to have to worry about  baby car seats etc. It’s pram friendly in the station on the metro (there’s lifts and baby changing rooms in the station) and its of course for free for the baby. I love how the metro arrives every 5-10 minute so no need to keep eye on a schedule. There is a lady and child section as well with space for a stroller and the metro is ideal for trips to old Dubai, Dubai mall, Mall of Emirates, Marina mall and Ibn Battuta mall. The only downside is that, there are not enough stations but I understand there are plans to add more routes in the long-term, which of course would be amazing… The Marina Tram will open tomorrow, and that will give even more train options around town! Oh yes and you get a great view of town from the metro too 😉

On the metro!

2. Taxi
Very cheap and there’s plenty of them in Dubai!! Definitely a convenient and fast means of transport in Dubai. Sometimes too fast though – but if that’s the case I just ask them to slow down. Most taxi drivers are very friendly and helpful with e.g. folding the stroller. My stroller has a car seat attachment and I always bring my car seat for James because of the crazy traffic – but it’s not law down here and you see many babies and kids without car seat!!!! 😦 I did not try myself but you can book a taxi with car seat but I’ve heard they don’t guarantee it anyway… They also have family and lady taxies, but these can take very long time to arrive… The best option  is to get a taxi on the street and bring own car seat to be on the safe side! Any car seat can go in the taxi, you just need to learn the trick with the seatbelt – maybe practice before your first ride 😉

3. Ferrys & water taxies
Living in Dubai Marina everyday I see the passenger boats and water taxis and I must say they are a fantastic way to get around!! The ferry can take you around to the Palm or Burj Al Arab for a sightseeing trip or you can take the long trip 1,5 hours to old Dubai for 50 AED. The ferry is easily accessible with a stroller and I was more than pleased to see they had a baby changing option in the toilet onboard. You can easily bring your baby on the boat – and again the baby travels for free! We like 😉 The water taxies are smaller but also easily accessible with stroller. Sailing is fun and I’m sure your little one will enjoy it too – if there’s no wind! No need for booking ahead either. Just turn up and off you go, check website for timetables etc.

On the ferry!

4. Bus
To be honest it’s not my personal favorite as I’m not good at keeping time with a baby and also you need to buy ticket beforehand! But many people take the buses everyday! I find the trips around town long and not much space for the stroller. The Upside is the air-conditioned bus stops – so Dubaiish but certainly needed in the height of summer 😉

5. Your legs
Well somethings we use way to little in Dubai!! It’s has been a bit of an obstacle course around the Marina for the past few years because of all the roadwork, and many other places are not built for strollers or wheelchairs – but finally we are getting to the end of all the roadworks in the Marina plus the temperature is now perfect for getting out and using our legs and going for a nice walk – which is just the nicest, safest and cosiest way with a baby 😉

Bye for now – we are actually on our way out to walk right now with baby C and yummy mummy L 🙂

P.s. Thanks for all the birthday wishes last week – I love birthdays – also now when I’m turning 34 🙂 It was the first as a mum – it’s no shame to get older, especially not when you like me have a beautiful son and lovely husband:) The day was celebrated with my mummy friends and 8 babies and lots of cake which I like so much, I had made a traditional Danish brunsviger dame with candy on which was a great success! The only down side was I needed to start baking it at 7am to be ready for 10.30am when the guests would arrive and then had guests all day long 🙂 It was great fun and loved every minute of the day with all those lovely people around me, BUT I must say its been the busiest and hardest birthday ever!!! I was so tired in the evening, I certainly felt a year older 😉

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