Husband disappears on baby moon …?!!

imageThursday means the weekend is finally here in Dubai and for the rest of the world the weekend is close by!! Therefore a little fun post today… but first I have to share how proud I am of my little man! JV recently found his feet and especially the knees which are his favorite things to play with now. He also did a roll from back to belly this morning, yayy – but don’t worry nobody is perfect, he is still not so happy about lying on the belly but that probably will just encourage him to try more rolls haha!!! I finally understand, how small developments can make a parent so proud 🙂

Today I wanted to share some fun information about this blog – when you create a blog such as mine, your blog provider will provide lots of  statistics about who is looking at your blog and which country they are from etc, and of course I love to look at this, as I find it so interesting to see what have people read, how many times they read it and what links they use and how they end up on emu little blog! I can also see where the readers are based, so far I have had readers from (hold on!) 71 different countries!! So from all over the world somebody is reading about me and the little cheeky viking baby – which is actually quite scary…! I especially have many readers in (of course UAE) Scandinavia, UK, Australia, Germany, US, Brazil and Colombia!! Dubai is certainly as diverse a place as the number of different nationalities reading my blog, so I’m glad that others are enjoying it to – thank you for that!! If you have any questions on life in Dubai please post them to my blog and I will do my best to advise. One thing I can say for certain, is that Dubai is a wonderful place to live and the weather is perfect (except in the Middle of summer) 😉

Ok enough of the bragging for today! Going back to the stats, my favorite funny statistic that I can find on the blog is ‘search terms’, which tells me how people end up on the blog in the first place! Below are some of the funniest searches people have googled and then ended up on my little blog;

  • baby shower whale cakes (didn’t recall I had that!)
  • baby bump cake (I never had that either but ok)
  • dreamt that I’m pregnant (good luck girl – or maybe a boy’s dream!?)
  • Dubai ice cream ingredients (not doing recipes but maybe I should!)
  • sexy date night looks (is that me!??)
  • cute baby ramadan pic 2014 (Yes ok I have a cute baby born in ramadan 14)
  • Dr Anni Engberg (my awesome doctor so that’s ok!))
  • can stretching the uturus ease heart burn during pregnancy (that’s a very very weird question – don’t think thats possible??!)
  • haagen-dazs (there’s many different versions of  this one!)
  • what to say to overdue pregnant (oh yes one of my favorite posts!)
  • skipping when being overdue in pregnancy (I didn’t try that one myself but sounds interesting)
  • hospital maternity disposable underwear (Sounds pretty!)
  • search a friend in aarhus new email by his work (huhh? some stalking going on here)
  • 3kg cake haagen daaz (Sounds yumm!!!)
  • handsome dad (Mr C was proud about this one!)
  • funny status about ice cream (I’m funny apparently!)
  • funny ice cream quotes (ok very funny yayy!)
  • huge baby bump (that was me, the whale!)
  • husband disappears on baby moon (hmm whats that to do with me!!?? Mr C did you google that one…? )

And many many more which is very obvious and therefore boring…!!

JV and I will now go for a stroll before daddy comes home from work and weekend can begin 🙂
Have a lovely scary halloween weekend!
Until next time xxx

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