A little update by JVC himself


Hello all you adult people and cool babies out there, I thought I’d better help my mum again as she seems to be veryyyy slow updating you all with what’s going on here in the Connor house! She still doesn’t know how to prioritize anything else other than me 😉 I also heard that some people prefer me writing on this blog rather than mum haha 4 months old and already a blog writer – mum did you hear that!!!

At the moment my ‘Nanna’ (grandma) is visiting here in Dubai, which is nice because that means more fun, action and more hands to hold and play with!! At the moment I want to experience everything, touch and see everything and definitely taste and lick everything near me – and I now think that lying down is waaay to boring!! I want to sit and to stand then I can see everything much better, my parents don’t always seem to understand that :/ But I do prefer when somebody holds me tight and help me, it’s still a bit scary to see the world from this new angle so a little support is okay!! I found out that if I smile everybody smiles back and thats soo funny – I like happy faces so I am one big happy face myself!

We started baby swimming with all my cool baby friends from the Danish mummy group! It was fun and exciting to splash in the hot pool outside under the palms (mum said that’s a true Dubai life!) but also a little bit scary when mum put my head under water but I was brave and actually I liked it quite a lot, but I haven’t smiled yet in the water (I think that means I like it when I do that) because then we have to swim all the time and I think it’s a bit hot outside so I will wait a little bit to tell mummy that I really like it! 😉 I just wish she was not covering me in a full wet suit, nappy and hat – I want to be naked in the pool!!!

I think mummy has been a bit tired lately – I’m not sure, but it might be my fault… or maybe she is just playing with toys a lot, I for sure get tired when I play a lot on my playmat…! She said I’m waking up to much at night, but its only because I’m so excited and want to play and eat – I miss my mum and dad when they put me in my new big bed so therefore I found out if I sing for them at night they will come and cuddle me and even fed me if I’m really lucky, such a great system I love it and will for sure continue this!!!
Last week my mum ate something I didn’t like so I refused so eat! She was a bit stressed but that will teach her, and It was fun going on a strike!! So all fellow babies listen now; if you don’t like the milk, scream and refuse to eat, because then you get a bottle which is so much faster to eat from!! It’s still mummys milk, its brilliant, so I did that for a few days! But don’t try this trick to long because then after a while she put something else into that bottle, it’s also milk but it tasted horrible so then I stopped complaining about the serving because I only want mummys milk!!!! Or maybe food 😀 Ihh the food looks so interesting what mummy and daddy put in their mouths – I want it also, I’m trying to show I can chew everything and put all in my mouth but they say I’m to small 😦 But then I just sing at night instead haha!

Mummy and I got our very first share present today; it said to ‘Mie and baby James’ 😀 It’s from our friends at Haagen Dazs! We couldn’t make it to their event because mummy was sick so instead they send us today some vouchers for free ice-cream yahoo I love when my food taste of Haagen Dazs ice cream 🙂 Mummy says this one is even more interesting because Bradley Copper, which is almost as good-looking as dad, is advertising for their new posh triple sensation ice cream 😉 Mummy says my food will taste of salty caramel fudge, chocolate and crunchy almonds yummmyyy who wants adult food when they can have this 😛

Ok bye peeps, I need to get back to my play mat and toys now speak soon. Baby JV Thumbs up sign

photo 2

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