Nutella & taxi driving in Dubai…


I had the flu earlier this week! It’s the very common ‘change-in-seasons–from-Summer-to-Winter’ Dubai-flu! (Yes we also get sick in the desert despite sun and warm weather!). To be fair I get this every season but this time having a baby on my arm makes it’s all much more difficult! My needs are no longer in focus!!! He doesn’t care mummy wants to sleep – James want entertainment and fun! Luckily James is not sick and that’s makes it all so much easier. I’m not looking forward to the day we are both sick – but I’m sure magic mum power will kick in if that ever happens so I won’t worry about this just yet… Being sick is just such a waste of time!! Just when I am starting to create more time I lose even more 🙂 I’m not one of this kind of people who loses weight when they are sick, I normally gain! I feel like eating more and preferably sugar! So I had crumpets with Nutella and those dutch caramel biscuits which are so addictive (even I swore not to get anymore) all day long…, so for now the healthy eating is going out of the window!! (Again).

Cousin E left but one fun thing (actually many!) happened before she left (she might not like I write this 😀 ). In Dubai taxi drivers work many hours and come from various Asian countries. They have a totally different culture and life than me, but generally they are lovely people working hard to make a living for their families back home and some of them even drive safely 😀 When we were on the way to the mall, the taxi driver asked cousin E (who is in her twenties) why she didn’t have baby like me. She advised the driver that “she was far too young to consider settling down and having babies”. He asked “Why”, and she informed him that she didn’t meet the right man yet… To which he replied  “oh no, not good as you are very old”. Cousin E was surprised but then said “No I’m in my perfect age”. He then proceeding to tell us a story about an apple… “if you put an apple in the fridge for 21 days, when you take it out, it will be rotten and too late to eat it”… Basically he compared her with a rotten apple! I was quick to point out to the driver (in a polite way of course) that it was a bit offensive in our culture to say such things. He then said “yeah yeah – but its TRUE”!!!! End of story!! He then said its good to have man because he will bring her byriani (Indian rice meal)! 😀 😀 haha!! (Well I think the lesson we can learn from this is not to be forced into having babies and to wait until you’re ready based on your own terms (not apple terms!!) – that is vital because it really changes your life and you need to be 100% ready for that. But I must say, once you decide to have a family it really is one of life’s most rewarding things, and as my husband always says family is the most important thing in life !! <3). Needless to say for the weekend we laughed at this offensive but somewhat amusing conversation!!

Happy weekend xxx

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