The Wonder Weeks


I’m still on the hunt for more time in the daily routines (so I can get more time to blog haha)!! At the moment everything seems impossible though, as right now my baby J is having a mental leap or a so-called ‘tiger jump’ as we say in Danish, it has nothing to do with a zoo or african savanna but actually a phase or leap which all babies take, it makes them feel a bit out of their normal routines and certainly a lot more cranky, clingy and crying – but once they ‘come out’ the other side, there are supposed to have entered a new phase in their development in which they gain new skills which is just amazing. The phase (or tiger jump) we are currently going through is apparently the one  in which they gain an ability to better understand the world around him. We are currently going through phase no 4 and James is no longer just having the essential needs, he can now get upset if he is bored,  and wants to be held instead of lying on his play mat etc. I also recently started to think this new baby and motherhood thing was a bit too easy but I have now learned my lesson 😉 I had  never heard about these ‘tiger jumps’ before I had baby J but apparently it’s common knowledge for mums 😀 I have learned a lot about it all from on an app called ‘The Wonder weeks’ (English version) or in Danish ‘Vidunderlige user’. There is a small charge for the App but I find it really useful in helping me understand James’ development and surprisingly accurate on how his moods change over time.

Well back to creating time – we all can use more time – and I will let you know if I get the recipe!! 🙂 However in the meantime I have some advice which may or may not help… while I was writing this blog and thinking of creative ways to free up more time as a busy mum, I remembered some great advice from my good friend H, that she offered me for my maternity leave which I have tested and tried and now will share with you;

1) Do the housework when baby is awake! How on earth is that possible I thought… I need to spend time with him when he is awake, he needs me! Hmm maybe not alllll the time… I have tried to place him in his Newborn Stokke chair at the dinning table or in the kitchen and he seems quite happy to just watch me (I must look funny?!) – of course he can’t sit there for hours but he seem quite happy to watch me do laundry, prepare food etc just describe to them what you do – then when they sleep you have ‘me’ time and not housework time 😉  

2) Everything – and that’s EVERYTHING is a phase! Thank you for that… I love this advice especially these days with the crazy tiger jump…;) But remember there is good AND bad phases!!

3) Nothing you say at night to your partner is valid the next day! My husband sleeps all night long so no issue – but maybe we can use it as a daytime rule too? 😀 I feel like using old ‘hormone/baby-card’ sometimes! 😀

This weekend I was selling some old treasures of ours and for the money I got, we bought James first cot bed! It’s amazing how much a box of wood can mean to new parents – our baby boy is getting big!! He is still in our room but the bedtime routine has not yet improved much…! Maybe that tiger jump thing… or a phase! 🙂

Cousin E is here so we are out and about these days sightseeing in Dubai and James is of course getting lots of cuddle! Yesterday was a very big day as James met his new best friend CVD for the first time and at only 12 hours old, I really cant wait to see them grow up together, and I hope they will be friends forever ❤

See you xxx


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