Terrifying routines…

photoWow! I give my full respect for people who have more than one child, do all the housework themselves, bake & cook, go to work, do sports and all the other stuff you need to do in the normal world when you are a mum! Every day goes SO fast!! Now I really understand that the mummy role is a full-time job… Yes yes YESSS…. I know I can’t complain at all! James Viggo is a very good boy, he sleeps all through the night (almost…!), he doesn’t mind playing a bit on his own on the playmat which he loves, I have a maid to clean few hours a week and I don’t have any job responsibilities, so yes I know I have absolutely NO right to complain! But why does it then take so much time and I feel I don’t have time to do anything else?? Is it my prioritizing?! Am I looking over him too much? Do I drink too much coffee? Is it the summer heat that prevents me from going outside and makes me  feel locked up?! Because I’m tired?! Too much time on FB?! Or is it just a role that takes time to adjust to?! Well I do blame all of this – so I better do something about it now 😀

James is 3 months this Friday so we need to start getting him set into his  routines and maybe start doing things a bit differently! BUT I absolutely hate routines, I’m not a routine person at all and prefer everyday to be different! So building up routines for a baby is maybe not my greatest strength! But my husband suggested to try a bed routine! Oh no I thought, that means trying to put him to bed for hours and he won’t sleep – now he just sleeps when he wants so why try anything else… But wow I was wrong! 😉 So now routine is at 7pm; He get his food, change nappy, PJ on, brush his hair (yes part of the routine!) – night song and boom he sleeps 8pm exact every day! I don’t know if its pure luck but I have to say that routine was quite good!!! Hmm so maybe these horrible ‘routines’ are not that bad anyhow (Never thought I would say that!)… some might say 8 pm is late but daddy work late hours and James need some daddy time also – and anyway he gets to sleep longer in the morning with mummy 😉

So we are building the terrifying ROUTINES now in October! And finally the weather has started to improve and we can walk outside which is a massive relief – you can feel pretty locked up being indoor all day in an apartment with a baby! My favorite routine (if I can call it that!) is the mummy group on Tuesdays – it’s so cosy to hang out with the mums and James’ friends and this part I will for sure miss when I one day go back to work! It’s properly not rocket science for the experienced mum but I can feel James is much more tired on the days we’ve been out and he sleeps so much better – so that is something else I have learned about routines also 😉

For those of you following us on Instagram (mie_dubai) you will know that we recently celebrated our one year weeding anniversary – what a beautiful year it has been, and we already have a 3 months old son 😉 I’m the luckiest girl in the world and very happy ❤ I Just need to get some routines on the go now 😀

A lot of people ask me about his name and you can see why we have chosen James Viggo here 😉 Also I use to work in a bar called Viggo – ha ha no that’s purely a coincidence 😀

Good to finally update you all again!
I will be aiming to post more often again now – if those routine works…



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