Denmark memories by JVC


My mummy says I’ve been a bit slow and it has been long time since my last story – I think she should write something herself… I was busy in Denmark with all my new friends and now also busy in Dubai seeing my other friends which I missed!! I’m lucky to have friends in three countries 🙂 Okay – but mummy is always right so here goes ‘My memories from Denmark’;

I’m back in the warm desert after 3 weeks holiday with my mum and dad. Mum says we need to relax now and that it’s good to be back to the normality – I’m just happy to be back with my toys! I received many cool gifts which I play with now back in Dubai. Most of all it’s good to be back with daddy again, I missed him a lot and so did mum after we had one week without him in Denmark. We are not used to be apart so it’s good to have them both at same time again! But I got to see my Danish friends during that week so that was good. But when we was in Denmark and daddy in Dubai we saw daddy like a little small carton movie – it was so weird I got to see and hear him but he didn’t hold me? Mummy called it Skype…

I have met so many nice people but we also relaxed and played a lot with Mormor and Morfar (grandparents). They make so many silly faces and sounds it makes me laugh! That makes them do even more funny faces! Also I found out that when I talk a bit they take me up and hold me haha so I talk a lot 😉
It was especially fun to meet the small people in Denmark! They say it’s my cousins and I like them so much because they don’t talk boring like the rest and they have so much fun. I can’t wait to play together with them and not only watch. I also met some other cool babies which mum say I will play with soon! I also met my funny uncles and my sweet ‘moster’ – she is my mummy’s sister!

While we been away I have grown 4 cm and gained (so did mum and dad) 700 g! I’ve been smiling and holding my head so I better can look around. I can now tell you when I’m excited, unhappy, pleased or surprised! So I do that all the time!!

I have been in some small and some big planes – so fun! Mummy and I were on our own and mummy seemed first stressed but then relaxed and happy when I was sleepy that day! Mum said to dad she usually eat dinner and use entertainment system on the plane. So I ate dinner a few times and made sure I entertained her lots haha! She took a book with her on the plane, but come on!! of course I will entertain so you don’t have to read mum! 🙂 But to be honest we had a nice snooze together me laying on her jelly belly 🙂 everybody said I was so quiet! I will next time make much more noise, don’t say I’m quiet!!! Everybody also said hello to me and one lady said I’m so sweet I could be a girl… Mum didn’t look to pleased. That was just like the time a pharmacist said to mum and Aunty A he thought I was a girl because I wore red and white stripes but when they said I’m a boy he said ‘a baby is a baby’! He didn’t realise I’m James Viggo – the special little Viking 🙂

See you soon!


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