Manchester memories by JVC

Hi my name is James Viggo and I have just met my great family in the UK for the very first time ❤️ I arrived safe and sound with mummy and daddy in sunny Manchester. My mum said it’s unbelievable that it was sunny and didn’t rain but she was still freezing all the time. Daddy was hot but he says he is hot stuff?! Well I liked it and it was cosy in my new warm jumpers and cosy buggy!

My parents said we went on a big plane – not sure what that is, I have just been sleeping, and sucking on my dummy. They said I was a good boy and also that I should suck my dummy so I didn’t ‘get ear pain’ but I don’t know what they were talking about. Then after I slept again, I woke up and we were with all these sweet people who spoke a bit different than how mummy does. Mummy said that it required so much planning and packing to go but daddy and I don’t know what she’s talking about.

Oh I need to tell you that before Manchester we had a short stopover in a place called Copenhagen and I met my new baby friend Julie – we had so much fun eating, burping and snoozing together.

My mummy was so happy because the cheap flight between Copenhagen and Manchester took my buggy for free and we also got priority boarding and a front seat and that’s without paying extra even though it was a budget airline, I don’t know what that is but Mummy likes saving money. Daddy says that’s only when it’s not on handbags because then she never thinks about the cost. But I think it’s an advantage to travel with a beautiful baby like me, when your going on these airlines.

So after all the big planes we met my awesome grandparents, the loud singing uncles, my sweet aunties and funny cousins in Manchester & Liverpool! They were all so good to me and I’m happy they are my family even though they were kissing me to much! But my parents looked so proud all the time so it was okay. Mummy said I’m lucky because I got so much cool presents and that my wardrobe is bigger than hers. Daddy said ‘don’t listen to women’.

Mummy and daddy took me so many beautiful places but I don’t really care where they take me as long as I get my milk and can sleep but mum said it was nice and dad said I will live here one day. Mum looked funny in her face when he said that, I’m not sure what that means.

After some more naps we went back to that place called Copenhagen which mum likes but dad was angry because he got a parking ticket after stopping for our lunch – and then mum got upset because daddy left mummy’s designer sunglasses on the roof of the car and they were driven over by another car, oops! I just fell asleep in my cosy carseat and when I woke up they were both happy again because I met my Danish grandparents. They are also nice to me and they say I’m the best best boy just like all the others did! I love this family in Europe!!

They have something here they call ‘fresh air’ which make me soooo sleepy. I’m only used to the air conditioning in Dubai and pram walks inside the mall but here we walk in that so called fresh air outside!!! Mummy is happy because it only makes me hungry once a night. At home in Dubai we eat 2-3 times a night which is so cosy but apparently she prefer less?!

I can’t wait to see what happens next on this holiday 😊

Bye bye


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