Traveling to Europe!

Yayyy I can’t wait to go to Europe 🙂

Super nanny has left the building and we are now on our own again – but not for long, because we now have got all the paperwork sorted and we can finally take our little James Viggo home to Northern Europe! We can’t wait for him to meet all his grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunties, the small nephews and niece and of course all our friends! And we are so much looking forward to see them too 😉 So a lot of travel-for-the-first-time-with-an-infant and the preparation has begun in our little home! I have spoken to Emirates airlines many times already, I made a list that would make any husband faint and the washing is on nonstop! Usually we pack whatever is clean the night before but now the housewife-planning-gene kicks in and I’m in a true preparation and planning mode! As the clever (house) manager I am, I am trying to delegate as much as possible to the staff (dad). So instead of packing I blog, and hope dad will read his ‘daddy-list’ and do it all later 😀 I hope it works… Well I’m not completely unfair! It’s not everything that Daddy has to do… I will of course handle the most demanding points on the list! That’s; ‘Go to hairdresser/have nails done/buy new clothes’ 😉 Most importantly to buy new clothes for the 15 degrees (!!!!!??????) and rain (that’s expected) in Manchester. Well another good excuse for shopping, I can’t fit any of my warm clothes either and need new shoes so we can walk with the buggy for the first time outside in the nature!! Rain or not – I can’t wait! So yes as you can see I’m very busy these days 😉

Hard work to be a mum….

This weekend we went out for James’ first friday brunch, (a farewell party for my close friend T). He enjoyed it and all the women enjoyed it even more 😉 he is already a women’s man and know how to be the center of attention! We feel very lucky not only that he is so wonderful but also that he is a fairly easy baby. We are lucky we can take him out and he never cries or makes a noise. James is very patient and calm. He must get these attributes from his daddy… Its funny how desperately I need to find a baby changing room and a space for breastfeeding as soon as we enter a new place – and I have seen some very pleasant facilities and less pleasant (smelly!!) facilities… I will write a separate post about breast feeding on the go 😉 But it makes it all so much more easier when we can do stuff with him and he’s already been out and about quite a few times. Hope this continues! Especially in the 6 hours flight home…!

We had our 6 week checkup last week and all is fine, ‘little’ James is now 4780grams and 58 cm long – so he has gained one kg since birth and grown 7 cm! I am now allowed to start exercising lightly again (d*** no longer any excuses) – well it will have to be some good walks with the pram back home (in the rain!!). Its been a long warm summer in the desert and we can’t wait to be outside – but hey you had the most amazing summer and now when we come its Autumn…?! Not fair… we had to go out and buy long sleeves and long pants for James (maybe we need a wooly jumper or jacket for him!??) because he has never been in less than 37 degrees – first in the bump and now in the Dubai heat!! I’m wondering how he will like the Northern European weather… Hopefully better than mum does 😉


P.s. Don’t worry, James will not be traveling in the suitcase 😉

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