Super nanny & a free tip!


We have super nanny from Liverpool – A.K.A Aunty A – on holiday at the moment. Or rather on working-holiday. But it is so great to have help around the house again and of course she has fallen in love with the little heartbreaker James Viggo and he gets lots of cuddles and kisses 😉 We have been doing a bit of the tourism thing around the city in the malls and around Abu Dhabi. It’s still too hot to really be outside so we have been going to the malls for strolls with the pram and to get some ‘fresh air’! It’s hard work to be a tourist – especially as the diet is going out of the window as we all know when you are on holiday… which makes me especially worried because the passport of baby James is finally here (yahoo!!), now we just need the visa processed and then we’re good to go!! We can’t wait to visit the family and friends. The passport photo turned out rather silly (understatement!) – not easy to do with a newborn who still can’t hold his own head :/ He will hate this photo when he is older haha!

We can really see and feel huge developments these days, he is smiling and talking a lot (well trying) and need lots of entertainment in the increasing amount of awake hours. He is definitely grown and outgrowing more and more clothes. Yesterday we went to Zara to buy some new clothes for mummy (so I can look decent when we go home!!) but ended up buying some for him AGAIN :/ It’s really true what they say… it’s all about him now!! And yes his wardrobe is quite big 🙂

The other evening my husband and I went out for a cosy date-night! It was the first time out just us since the birth ❤ I was excited all day and did my best to try to look like ‘old Mie’. My wardrobe is still too small (or I am to big?) so it’s rather depressing to find a glamours outfit for a hot date! I found one old dress hiding most of the jelly belly and found some heels which use to be too big… At least there is an upside to all this, which is that I definitely using some of the old stuff which is getting new lease of life 😉 We went out and had exactly 3 hours between two feeds but (stupid enough) we had planned to go to a new place which doesn’t require a reservation, of course the result was that we had to wait 1,5 hours for a table which is not ideal when you only have a 3 hour date! What to do then – a Thursday night in Dubai is busy and difficult to get a table in a decent restaurant at 9pm! Every minute was counting and I was so excited and now sad and disappointed… somehow we managed to get a table at our special date place Rhodes twenty10 – it’s a restaurant by a british celebrity chef called Gary Rhodes. It’s british cuisine at its best and we have been there quite often. We ended up having a lovely night, amazing food (liver pate, tender red steak and a tiny bit of red wine – all the stuff I couldn’t have while pregnant!) AND romance… A great bonus was our sommelier recommended to us the right bottles to buy for James’ 21st Birthday. We want to buy some good bottles from his birth year as a memory and to make sure we can have a good party celebration in year 2035 (!) – so a free tip for the lucky ones having babies this year (and are as silly as us); you should buy red wine from the Rhone region Châteauneuf-du-Pape or Côte-Rôtie – its something about the sun, wind and stars this summer in France – don’t ask – but they are perfect in 21 years! Wait 4 years and you will be able to buy the 2014 bottles – apparently 😉 Cheers – and you are very welcome!!


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