It’s More Fun in the Philippines

The other day I dreamt about my favourite holiday destination; the Philippines! This might be a bit off topic and don’t get me wrong, I love life as it is right now (despite the lack of sleep and snotty noses!) but I want to share this with you because everybody should experience this amazing paradise! Most of all because we can’t wait to show our son the world and this is for sure one of the places we intend to take him ❤

2 years ago we were lucky to get a 3 months sabbatical and we spent it backpacking in South-East Asia. We loved all the places we went but the Philippines was in our opinion the best of the beautiful destinations (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Borneo and Malaysia). We had heard mixed reviews about the Philippines but I think the reason Philippines ‘won our hearts’ was because it surprised us the most; unbelievable natural beauty, lots and lots of friendly people, the best snorkelling we have ever seen (and we even dived in Borneo few weeks earlier!), amazing untouched beaches and islands and the greatest bonus is that it’s cheap and it is still relatively undiscovered and not overran by tourists 😉

For us the best part of our entire three month trip was when we took a 5 days sailing expedition on a traditional fishing boat around the islands of Palawan together with 10 other great people – we snorkeled between turtles, sharks, sea snakes and my husband also saw a lion fish, we caught our own food like fresh tuna (the best sushi I ever had), we slept in small bamboo huts (There was NO luxury, proper toilets or showers – a challenge YES – but I actually loved the low-key life without hairdryer and makeup – for a few days!!) on deserted islands hundreds of miles from modern civilization, discovered hidden underwater caves, swam in mangroves and hot springs – and just enjoyed life! We went around the North of Palawan and visited some of the 700 small islands there – most of them have no inhabitants and are basically untouched. Amazing 🙂

This trip was organized by a company called Tao Philippines Expeditions, the great thing about this company is that it is a community project and really helps the local economy as they employ many local people to help build this amazing ‘once in a lifetime experience’ 🙂 We cannot wait until James is old enough to come with us on this trip again sometime in the future, if it is anywhere near as good as last time we are sure it will create some very precious memories for his childhood. Everyone should see this beautiful place in their lifetime and the Tao trip is in my opinion the best way to do it.
More beautiful photos: TAO Philippines 🙂

There’s a reason Philippines’ slogan is ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines‘ 😉

El Nido
The boat we stayed on!
Cant get enough of remote paradise islands



Coron street dinner
Coron suent
Rice fields near Coron – we went with one of the TAO guys on a motor bike
Right under us here theres several Japanese war ship wrecks – we dived down to see them right after! 



whats not to like!!!!!
Boracay birthday party!
Best sunsets in the world – Philipines 
We will be back…


4 thoughts

  1. Hi! We will visit the Philippines end of this year. We would like to do this adventure, but maybe I will be pregnant. Will it be too dangerous? Because of the food/mosquitos/malaria/etc.? Or do I not have to worry about it? Hope to hear from you, you were the first result when I googled ‘TAO expedition prenant’, haha

    1. Hi there – it was a beautiful experience can only recommend it but I think you need to check your national website for travel advice/recommendation I don’t want to advice saying it safe if not 😉

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