A follow-up on the hospital bag…

This post is addressed to the mums-to-be out there! The day James was born we nearly went to the hospital without the hospital bag. My water didn’t break at home and contractions came very fast. The Doctor said ‘go straight to hospital I will meet you there’  but we were silly and went home for it anyway – it was a nightmare on the day; driving, lift up, home, pack the remaining, lift down, driving to hospital and all with very close contractions! But was very nice to have the stuff later…

I did write a post about packing the hospital bag on the 10th of June (see here). I thought I would follow-up on this now when I actually know what I’m talking about 🙂  Was I right or wrong? The below highlighted is from my original list and afterwards my comments now…

For Baby:

  • Clothes; (size newborn!) 2 bodysuits short sleeve, 3 bodysuits long sleeve w/pant  & 1 pant/top set. I ended up taking a bit more clothes and I’m glad I did – we never expected to stay 3 nights but had to because of the (very unexpected) cesarean, however we had enough clothes for that. Make sure you bring lots of sizes, we did not have enough size 50 as we expected him bigger. I only used long sleeve and long pants for the first days to keep him warm.
  • Baby hats 2 pcs. Yes, need that for sure for the first days to keep him warm – even  in the Dubai heat (AC everywhere).
  • Baby mittens; 1 pair. I Always thought that this is a bit silly but we did actually use this the first night to keep warm and he was born with long nails (could also just bring nail clipper 😉 )
  • Socks size newborn; 2 pair. For sure needed to keep feet warm but the pants with feet in works very well and avoid the small socks to get of all the time. We did pick up some more at home.
  • Teddy. Yes, was with him all the time and still is! He didn’t care but looks cute on photos 🙂
  • Baby products without perfume etc. We didn’t use any of them in hospital but use them a lot now. They wanted to give bath in hospital right away but we said no and washed him a bit in water.
  • Blankets; 2 pcs. Yes used for swaddling so bring that – and good to have extra as they get dirty…
  • Muslins; 4 pcs. Yes perfect. I love these and use a lot – you really can’t have enough!
  • Bottle (in case breastfeeding doesn’t work). Didn’t use it.
  • Wet napkins without alcohol and perfume, 1 packet. We used two packets. Glad we took as we had to pay for all disposable we used in the hospital plus they only have products with perfume etc.
  • Newborn nappies (Huggies). Yes one packet is fine, size 1 which is 1-5 kg baby. Again they have in hospital but you have to pay and were not my preferred brand.
  • Nursing pillow. Yes for sure bring it. And the hospital was good helping with breastfeeding technic which I found very helpful.
  • Newborn Car seat. Yes for sure for the home trip (so scary that first trip!) Make sure it’s suited for a newborn 😉
  • Nursing bag – to pack all the baby stuff in. It’s a plain black bag from Mamas & Papas (the only one hubby is happy to carry) 😉 Yes….!

 For mum & dad:

  • Entetainment (Ipad, Iphone – yes the modern world!!). Yes we used it a lot, especially Skype. The TV channels were not exciting and we spent a lot of time in that room.
  • Headphones for the above. Yep! If the other parent is sleeping…
  • HypnoBirth book and notes. I did not use on the day but that’s only because it all went so fast.
  • Marriage certificate, insurance card and passports (for hospital). Very important down here plus you also need to show Emirates ID! Make sure you have chosen baby’s name – must give on hospital before you leave for the birth papers.
  • Birthplan copies. Unfortunately I didn’t use but that’s because it was clear with my doctor or midwife before birth. So make sure it’s all cleared before birth, so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Camera (charged and new memory card). Yes we used it!
  • IPhone/Ipad charger. YES don’t forget! Lots of calls to make…
  • Clothes for dad (2 x t-shirts, boxers, shorts, socks). Needed some pants and more t-shirts.
  • Clothes for mum – only used for home trip. I did mostly use the hospital clothes, but that’s a personal preference. I gave birth in the clothes I was wearing when we arrived; no time to change for me!! For home trip make sure its loose and comfortable and a breast-feeding bra is good to have. And some good big granny panties which is not tight anywhere.
    • 2 x lose pants
    • 3 x t-shirts (good for breastfeeding)
    • 1 x long sleeve top/cardigan
    • 1  x Top for Birth-pool
    • 1 x Robe
    • 3 x Underwear
    • 2 x Nursing bra
    • 2 x Socks
    • 1 x Shorts/skirt
    • 1 x Flip flops
  • Toiletries: Yes all were used and great to have, they have in hospital but I like my own! I didn’t use make up wasn’t something I worried about at the time 😀 I did also bring some nipple cream and that was fantastic when the breastfeeding starting to hurt, I had one with olive oil from Mothercare.
    • Deo
    • Hair brush
    • Hair band 
    • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • Face and Eye Creme
    • Body lotion, Body wash, Shampoo & Conditioner – all organic
    • Dad toiletries 
    • Nursing pads VERY important
    • Make up
    • Make up remover + cotton pads
    • Disposable maternity briefs I used the ones from hospital they were better than mine.

Some other stuff you might want to consider is food & snacks, we didn’t eat the hospital food and husband need to pay for it anyway…

Enjoy your trip to the hospital – no matter what it’s all about the delivery and the bag is just an accessory 😀




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