Cinderella in flats

The other night I went out for the very first time on my own while daddy was looking after our babyboy. My good friend T and I went for a cosy meal – she is unfortunately soon leaving Dubai to move back to Denmark so I have to spend as much time as possible with her, this is one of the downsides living abroad; good friends leave for good 😦 (and yes miss T this is a complaint about you leaving!!).

Going out in the evening in Dubai usually means dressing up nicely so I was hunting through my wardrobe for a dress to fit my post-pregnancy body – but all my clothes are either to small on the butt/breast/thighs/everywhere or showing of too much belly which used to be my best asset and therefore all my clothes clearly show this area which is still floppy like a jelly (waist belt certainly doesn’t help!). I ended up in the only thing I could actually fit (and which was not a maternity dress), quick make up & hairdo and a big squeeze to get my engagement ring on my fat finger (since this I didn’t get it off again dohh!!) and then I was ready to go out… well it was as good as it gets at this stage… except my feet are still too big for my fancy shoes???!!!??? NOBODY ever told me feet will grow during pregnancy – oh my, if I never can wear my lovely shoes again 😥 I’m praying they will go back to normal or else goodbye dear shoes…

So before I left the house I made sure I fed James good and then we ran out for the meal. I didn’t even text daddy to hear how James was (He texted me first – I swear). I didn’t have a drink but lots of yummy food and I totally forgot about my new healthy lifestyle and ate desserts like I was still pregnant… Actually I have gained one kg this week – how did that happen… hmm maybe because of this and because I went to the Swedish pick and mix candy in IKEA… again!! :/ 😦

BUT it was cosy to be out for a few hours – and yes we did talk a lot about James 😀 After 3 hours Cinderella (in flats!) quickly ran home before the spell would go and to cuddle and kiss my precious baby – both of them! I was proud I did it – Going out to the world again helped to re-charge my batteries and I wasn’t nervous a second – but ohh dear I was tired afterwards and ready for an early bed with my two babies next to me that night ❤

The End


photo 2
A piece of heaven for Scandinavian Expats in Dubai… Piece of advise; Don’t go there if you are on diet…!!!

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