Here we are!

photo 1

Oh my… Where did the last week just go???! :/ Times flies when you’re having fun… as they say… true that! Okay I have been busy and as soon as I get a moment to myself when James is asleep it’s like “oh should I now sleep/eat/shower/ laundry (OMG so much!!)/cleanup/drink coffee/Skype home/blog….?” Not necessarily in that order but somebody advised me to eat and sleep before blog… hmm… I’m not sure because I missed you!! BUT now Ramadan is finally over and now daddy has a few public holidays = Mie has time for some blogging!!

So what have we done during the last week? Well we have had lots of visitors in the last week, James has so many lovely people around him down here in Dubai and he has been spoiled and kissed big time. We also managed to process the (Danish!!!!) passport but it was not easy at all to take that little passport photo, imagine to hold his little cute head, show ears and make him smile at the same time – and you also have to avoid showing your hands on the photo! (Okay not actually make him smile but sounded good haha). So hopefully in a few weeks we will be Europe bound.

James the viking started to hold his head for a bit longer, smile a lot in sleep and also sometimes awake (or that is what we tell ourselves!), he is starting to now copy daddy, when he is showing his tongue, and James is also starting to find his own hands and feet – amazing how quickly he grows and the first couple of small body suits are already to small (that’s when the round neck is turning into a v-neck!), he is about 4 kg now. We are trying to enjoy every second of this first stage of James’ life before we know it he will be a teenager with spots and his own opinions (of course he will have the right opinions brought up by us) 😀

We also had our newborn photos taken this week by my perfect photographer Ms. H (same photographer as my pregnancy photos). I will of course show the photos as soon as they are ready. It was a hot experience! My friend was ready and prepared for this shoot (I owe her the world!) and one of the preparation points for a baby shoot is to keep the room hot for the baby so they don’t freeze when you take of their clothes. That’s a really good point. If you live in Europe. So because she is always so well prepared and professional  she prepared the perfect room with no AC… however in Dubai in July this means 30 degrees inside in a second… But of course we don’t want to risk James getting a cold so we kept it of. The result was of course a very sweaty photographer and parents!! 🙂 Anyway we did manage to do the photos despite quite a bit of air and… yeah… maybe you can guess what happens when you take of the diaper of a newborn…? 😉

Eid Mubarak to all here 🙂


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