For the very first time…

2 weeks old – the beautiful blanket is made by mormor ūüôā

Mormor (grandma) has left the country :/ – its been lovely to have her here to support and help during the first two weeks of James’ life – and now it’s slightly scary to take care all myself when daddy is at work! She said before she left, that I have passed the basic ‘mum-exam’ and now able to do this on my own – yay ūüôā So of course we can handle¬†this, James!! ūüôā¬†His new¬†Passport will soon be in process so we can¬†go to¬†visit the rest of the family in DK and UK – and to enjoy the nice¬†European summer!¬†I can’t wait to go for a stroll with the pram OUTSIDE!!!¬†However¬†first¬†off,¬†¬†we need to make a birth certificate in English and Arabic language stamped by the authorities¬†in Dubai, then we can apply for passport (looking forward to the little cute photo!), then we need to process the visa and THEN we can travel home! It will take a few weeks but should be able to reach Europe by end of August!! Fingers crossed.

Today is the first day¬†at¬†home alone – and its going so well¬†that¬†I even have time to¬†write this update ūüôā We‚Äôre eating and¬†¬†sleeping a lot!¬†Well James¬†is … I have been cuddling and¬†sending photos to daddy… even of his¬†snot… a big green snail¬†was finally out of his little¬†tiny nose so without thinking I took photo and sent to daddy… Okay not a beautiful Kodak¬†moment but James sounded like a steamroller and maybe have a little cold, so¬†I was so happy it was finally out! ūüôā And now I understand what they mean when they say your life changes after kids, never in a million years would I dream of sending my husband a photo of something so gross as snot in the old days¬†I only sent beautiful photos of¬†myself to him, but now I actually take pride in the achievement of getting it out his little nose LOL!!¬†..¬†How life changes – not that we would change a thing, but maybe less snot photos in the future…!! (Sorry James and Daddy!)

There are¬†lots of firsts at the moment in our house – not only first day home alone¬†‚ÄstDaddy took great pride in playing James the first piece of music he would ever hear, of course it had to be Oasis – Champagne Supernova, Daddy says James loved it but i’m not so sure ūüôā But for me there are some personal victories also! I can finally¬†fit my wedding ring again – or to be correct, I got it¬†on and now there is no¬†chance it will go off again!! But doesn’t have to anyway ūüėČ Pampering¬†– Oh I missed you; I can start using a bit of perfume agin,¬†I took a bit of nail polish on the other day and maybe I should start on make up again… Before pregnancy I wouldn’t go out with the bin bag without make up and now I haven’t used it for days!! So far I’ve been using my maternity¬†clothes after birth,¬†which are¬†so comfortable (and I still look like I’m wearing a floating donut) and because of the scar I don’t want to wear anything tight – but I’m starting to fit into some old clothes again yayyy – did I mention I now lost 11 kg – ‘ONLY’ 16 kg to go… two of them are possibly milk… ūüôā¬†BUT¬†the¬†most important¬†thing ¬†is¬†that¬†¬†all James’ ‘firsts’; well everything we do these days are firsts, all from lifting head to visit the mall – the proud parents are taking lots of photos at the moment – will try to avoid snot from now on (and no it was not appropriate to snot post photo on the blog!)….!!

Have a nice day xxx

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